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Alain Cupper
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Instrument(s) Baritone saxophone, Flute
Date of birth January 5, 1964
Place of birth Brussels
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Phone +32 (0)476 29 26 78
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Web site Dedicated website
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Phone +32 (0)2 675 68 54
Phone +32 (0)475 61 13 41
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 Current bands

Alain Cupper / Alain Rochette duo (Leader)      Alain Cupper Quintet (Leader)
Alain Cupper Quartet (Leader)      BlueLine (Leader)

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Alain CUPPER starts with the tenor sax, followed by classical training at music school and then three years at the Jazz-Studio in Antwerp. Taught by, amongst others: E.Vann, J.Lovano, T.Van de Gheyn, J.Ruocco, P.Vaiana and F. Vaganee.

Performs in most of the clubs in Brussels with various jazz groups, works freelance for variety bands, plays in big bands, does studio recordings, goes on tour (Italy, Switzerland, Greece, France, Germany, Maroco, etc.) and spends two years in Africa on contract to clubs and hotels.

Decides to concentrate on the baritone sax, an instrument which he develops and in which he specialises.

Performs with, in particular : P.Loveri, G.Lattuca, A.Rochette, J.Bedeur, P.Maguire, I.Paduart, J-P.Gebler, P.Vaiana, E.Vranckx, J-L.Pappi, P.Prignot, J.Gola, G.Taylor and Groovy what’s.

Alongside his musical career on stage and in the studio, is a teacher and gives lessons in theory, saxophone and playing in jazz ensembles (International School, European School).

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