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Saturday July 3, 2021
Drummer Antoine Pierre recorded a solo EP, with "self sampling"
Drummer Antoine Pierre has recorded a solo EP, consisting of drums with "self sampling", at Jet Studio in Brussels. To be released in the fall 2021.

Monday June 21, 2021
Support actions for musicians : FWB, Forem
Two resources to investigate for musicians:
  • Wallonia/Brussels Federation: call for projects: A Future for Culture: Territoires de création
  • financial aid: incitants aux artistes

  • Tuesday June 15, 2021
    Final bar : saxophonist Alex Scorier
    Saxophonist Alex Scorier passed away on June 12, 2021. He was almost 90. Alex Scorier played in multiple bands, such as Placebo, the BRT Tv Big Band, Francis Bay, Werner Muller (D), Fud Candrix, Jazz Friends and his own Brussels Little Big Band. He also played with American musicians, such as Buck Clayton, Bill Coleman, Clark Terry, Don Byas, as well as Sadi, Marc Moulin, Philip Catherine etc...
    Click on the title for more biographical info.
    His funeral will take place this Saturday, June 19, 2021 at the crematorium of Uccle at 09:30 (attendance limited).
    Musicians Eve Beuvens, Sébastien Jadot, Dimitri Delvaux and Maarten Weyler will pay tribute during the farewell ceremony to Alex.
    Photo : Jimmy Van der Plas

    Monday June 14, 2021
    The RTBF website features and its concert calendar
    The RTBF website devotes an article to the website and its concert calendar.
    Click on the title.

    Friday June 11, 2021
    An exhibition on the saxophonist Jack Sels in the Jazz Station of Brussels "Hommage à Jack Sels"
    From June 11 to 30th, 2021, the Jazz Station in Brussels presents an exhibition on the saxophonist Jack Sels. Self-taught, tenor saxophonist, bopper of the first hour, Jack Sels is one of the major figures of the history of jazz in Belgium.
    His compositions and arrangements testify of his actuality and his creativity. To survive, he was often forced to trade in his instrument and his beret for docker's work. Translated with (free version)

    Sunday June 6, 2021
    JazzMania webzine : additions of May 2021
    See the French version of this page to discover the recent additions to the webzine "Jazzmania" (in French).

    Monday May 31, 2021
    The radio show "Le Grand Jazz" (Philippe Baron on RTBF) has come to an end
    After more than 20 years of existence, Philippe Baron announces that his program "Le Grand Jazz" (RTBF La première), comes to an end on June 1, 2021.
    A huge thank you to Philippe for his tireless defense and illustration of jazz music and its musicians from all over the world.

    Thursday May 27, 2021
    Guitarist Julien Tassin unveils his documentary "Beyond Moondancer"
    Guitarist Julien Tassin unveils his documentary “Beyond Moondancer”, to present to his audience how his trio works, and how he interacts with the members of his group in their creative process. In a way, to show what happened behind the scenes during the making of his last album, "Moondancer", recorded with Nicolas Thys (b) and Dré Pallemaerts (drs)..
    Two tracks were born from the shooting of this short film and will soon be released along with a live video.
    Click on the title.

    Saturday May 22, 2021
    A video of the band Guru Farm on Auvio (RTBF)
    On the Auvio site of RTBF, you can watch a video of the band Guru Farm (new name of "Dervish"), with Toine Thys (sax, electronics), David Thomaere (keyboards), Dries Lahaye (electric bass) and Patrick Dorcéan (drums).
    Click on the title.
    N.B. : you must have or create an account on Auvio to access it.

    Friday May 21, 2021
    Saxophonists Sylvain Debaisieux and Bo Van Der Werf on 2 albums by the Workshop of Stéphane Payen
    Saxophonists Sylvain Debaisieux and Bo Van Der Werf on 2 albums by the Workshop of Stéphane Payen' : "In and Out" and "Extensions" (Onze heures Onze records).
    The musicians are : Stéphane Payen, Olivier Laisney, Sylvain Debaisieux, Bo Van Der Werf, Jim Hart, Tam De Villiers, Guillaume Ruelland, Vincent Sauve, Nelson Vera and Thibault Perriard.
    A release concert will take place on May 25, 2021 at the Studio de l'Ermitage, in Paris.

    Wednesday May 19, 2021
    Octave de la Musique 2020 (jazz) : Toine Thys & the album "Orlando"
    The results of the 2021 edition of the Octaves de la Musique (B) are known. They concern the activities of the year 2020. In the jazz category, Toine Thys receives an Octave for his album "Orlando" (Hypnote records) (click on the title).
    Other musicians from the world of jazz or neighboring are also awarded:
  • Ntoumos, album of the year "Back to the roots".
  • Glass Museum, show/concert of the year Fabian Fiorini for the music of "l'Attentat" (Prize of the Minister of Culture).
  • An evening is planned for June 12, 2021 (20:00) on the television channel BX1 and other local media.

  • Tuesday May 18, 2021
    St'art launches "Rayonnement Wallonie N°2", a call for projects
    The Walloon government is mobilizing €2.8 million to support the creative industries through a call for projects focused on the influence of Wallonia.
    The concept : "To finance, through grants, the actors of the creative industries who contribute by their action, their know-how, their project, to the influence of Wallonia."
    Also open to projects of artists "associated with Smart or assimilated". The call A is a grant for emerging talents.
    Click on the title for more details (website).

    Wednesday May 12, 2021
    Brussels Jazz Weekend Balcony + podcasts "Brussels Jazz Ambassadors"
    On May 29 & 30, 2021, the Brussels Jazz Weekend will take place in the form of a "Balcony" edition, due to to the Covid restrictions.
    For the programme, click on the title.
    A special series of 19 audio podcasts will feature 19 musicians from Brussels, talking about their own district (Brussels is composed of 19 "communes"). To listen to these podcasts, use this LINK.

    Monday May 3, 2021
    Final bar : Theo de Vos, from Ripspiqué
    Theo de Vos, one of the founders and animators of the Ripspiqué in Lierre (B), a venue that hosted many concerts, has passed away.

    Saturday May 1, 2021
    On Auvio (RTBF site), the 10 concerts of the International Jazz Day in Belgium organized by Lundis d'Hortense
    Rediscover 10 years of concerts organized by the Lundis d'Hortense and the Jazz Station on the occasion of the International Jazz Day, and recorded(in audio) by Musiq3. With : David Linx/MichelHatzigeorgiou, Igor Gehenot Delta, Michel Herr + Bravo Big Band, Trio Houben/Wissels/de Hass/ Manatcha Wuyts, l'Ame des Poètes, Alex Koo trio, Mohy/Liégeois/Gerstmans, Fabrice Alleman Quartet, Nathalie Loriers Trio, Thomas Malade Sextet, Yves Peeters Group.

    Saturday May 1, 2021
    Jazz4You Youtube Channel features several Belgian jazz bands
    The Jazz4You Youtube Channel features videos of several Belgian jazzmen, a.o. Margaux Vranken, Jeremy Dumont, Tony Mora, Martin Méreau, Bam Trio, Igor Gehenot, Rabesolo Duo, La boîte à cigare, Groovin' high, Oakstreet Trio, Lalao 6tet, Pierre-Louis Barthélémy Quartet, Pia Salvia Duo.

    Saturday May 1, 2021
    JazzMania webzine : additions of April 2021
    See the French version of this page to discover the recent additions to the webzine "Jazzmania" (in French), which now replaces its predecessor, Jazzaround.

    Friday April 30, 2021
    April 30: International Jazz Day : on line this year. Belgian bands live from several venues, a.o. the Jazz Station in Brussels
    This year, the International Jazz Day, which is 10 years old, will take place online.
    Various venues and organizers are participating.
    Les Lundis d'Hortense and the Jazz Station propose a double concert online and on the radio (RTBF Musiq3) from 8.00 p.m., with the Ame des Poètes and the trio of pianist Alex Koo.
    You can watch it on Facebook and on Youtube (Click on the title).

    Tuesday April 27, 2021
    Drummer Stéphane Galland featured in Flagey's "Masters at Work" on-line series
    Proposed by Flagey (online), the "Masters at Work" series offers you not only to hear great performers play works of their choice but also to go further. As an introduction to the concert, each artist will talk about his or her program, the composer, his or her relationship to creation, composition, more technical aspects, sources of inspiration....
    In this context, drummer Stéphane Galland will give a lecture/concert, which will be accessible online from May 21 until June 6, 2021. Tickets are available now for €5.
    Click on the title.

    Sunday April 25, 2021
    New book : "José Bedeur - Memories of you" by Michel Mainil (in French)
    Michel Mainil has conducted a series of interviews with bassist/cellist José Bedeur, which he has published in a book entitled "José Bedeur - Memories of You" (Bossa Flor Editions, 23 €, limited edition).
    For more details and to order, click on the title.

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