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Sunday February 28, 2021
Jazzaround, February 2021 additions
See the French version of this page for a table of comtents of this webzine (n French).
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Sunday February 28, 2021
Leuven Jazz Festival goes on-line, starting March 19
The Leuven Jazz Festival is back as an on-line version starting on March 19, 2021. With a.o. Fred Hersch (p) and Eve Beuvens (), Too Manny Fish, Antoine Pierre solo (drs), Cinema Paradiso ft. Jozef Dumoulin, NABOU (tb), Lynn Cassiers (voc.) etc...

Tuesday February 16, 2021
Police interrupts a solo concert by guitarist Quentin Dujardin in a church, for an audience of 15
Guitarist Quentin Dujardin demonstrated on February 14, 2021 the inequalities established in the Covid era. While the practice of cults is authorized, the practice of arts in public is forbidden, even under the same conditions (health precautions and number of people, i.e. 15). After a few notes of music in a church in Crupet (B) in front of 15 people, his concert was interrupted by the police. All participants risk a heavy fine.
Click on the title to watch an interview on Youtube in which he details his motivations for the Keiros magazine.
Quentin Dujardin released a single "Ave Maria" (a version of the piece that got interrupted).

Monday February 15, 2021
Videos : The Swing Dealers (website Antenne Centre), Bart Defoort
The site of the local television "Antenne Centre" offers a concert of the group "Swing Dealers", with Jean Van Lint (bass-vocal). Vincent Mardens (sax), Dirk Van der Linden (piano), Jan de Haas (drums)
In addition, you will find a session organized around the saxophonist Bart Defoort, with Victor Da Costa (gt), Maxime Moyaerts (Hammond organ) and Lieven Venken (drs).< br> Click on the title.

Monday February 8, 2021
A video series on saxophonist Raoul Faisant, # 1 on Vimeo
La Maison du Jazz de Liège and Jean-Pol Schroeder have put on line (on Vimeo) the first episode of a 3-part video documentary devoted to the saxophonist Raoul Faisant, a figure of the Liège jazz scene who has recorded very little. With archive documents (recordings, photos) and testimonies.
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Friday January 22, 2021
Keyboard player Jozef Dumoulin on an album of the Expanding Universe Quintet (F)
Keyboard player Jozef Dumoulin appears on an album of the Expanding Universe Quintet (F) (label OH), recorded with Michael Alizon (ts,ss), Jean-charles Richard (ss,bs), Benjamin Moussay (elp,synt) and Franck Vaillant (drs).

Sunday January 3, 2021
At Walter : Safe'n Sound Days 2021, on-line streaming
Two Sundays a month, from January 10 till June 2021, Walter (the artists place) presents a selection of fine solo projects and duos in jazz, free impro and classical music.
The Safe 'N Sounddays will be live (at 20:00). By buying a ticket for this concert (series) or the streaming, you are directly supporting all musicians envolved. Buy a ticket for one concert (15 €), a subscription for the series (live and streaming concerts) is 75 EUR via our website. The full streaming service of at least 15 concerts in Walter is included in your subscription.
Presale tickets for one life concert are 15 EUR and online ticket sale starts off one week before every concert. A subscription for the full streaming service is available for 25 EUR, for at least 15 concert streamings (all available untill the end of June 2021).<
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