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Thursday April 12, 2018
Pianist Ewout Pierreux invites South African trumpeter Marcus Wyatt for their project "Small World"
Following the release of their album ("Small World Live at the bird's-eye"), pianist Ewout Pierreux invites South African trumpeter Marcus Wyatt for a few dates in Belgium. With Steven Delannoye (sax), Romy Brauteseth (b) and Teun Verbruggen (drs).

Tuesday April 10, 2018
April 30 : 7th edition of the International Jazz Day
In November 2011, UNESCO officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day in order to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role in uniting people around the world. Each year on 30 April, Brussels also celebrates this tribute to jazz music and its fundamental role in uniting people across the globe, promoting peace, dialogue among cultures, diversity, and respect for human rights and human dignity.
Many events will mark the occasion, more details soon.
See and

Monday April 9, 2018
Vocalist Raphaëlle Brochet and bassist Philippe Aerts on tour in India
Vocalist Raphaëlle Brochet and bassist Philippe Aerts start a tour in India :
Apr 10, 2018 : Alliance F de CHITTAGONG, Bengladesh, featuring Pranav Gurung
Apr 12 : Alliance F de DELHI, featuring Pranav Gurung (gt)
Apr 14 : Alliance F PUNE

Apr 15 : Workshop @ MELA, BANGALORE
Apr 17 : BFlat Jazz Club, BANGALORE.

Sunday April 8, 2018
Jazz photos exhibition by Serge Braem in Lomme (F)
From April 10 through 21, 2018 at Maison Folies Beaulieu in Lommes (France). Address : 33 Place Beaulieu, Cité Délivrance,59126 Lommes.

Friday April 6, 2018
"Le Jazz d'Hortense" # 102 is out and on-line
The issue # 102 of the magazine of the "Lundis d'Hortense" (the association of Belgian jazz musicians) is out and on-line on this site (in French).
For a table of contents, see the French version of this page.
Click on the title to view it.

Thursday April 5, 2018
A tribute to Toots Thielemans organized by the Berklee Global Institute on April 17
The Berklee Global Institute organizes on April 17, 2018, a tribute to Toots Thielemans in Boston (USA). Some student ensembles will perform, including some harmonicists, with guests like saxophonists Joe Lovano, David Liebman and Stéphane Mercier. The videoclip in which Quincy sends a friendly message to Toots (recorded by Stéphane Mercier) will be shown in between the tunes. A new "Toots Thielemans Scholarship" will be created on the occasion. NPR (National Public Radio) and TV5 Monde will cover the event.

Wednesday April 4, 2018
Pianist Olivier Collette launches a crowdfunding for his future album
Pianist Olivier Collette launches a crowdfunding for his future album. It will be recorded with Bert Joris (tp), Peter Hermans (gt), Victor Foulon (b) and Daniel Jonkers (drs).
Click on the link to support it.

Sunday April 1, 2018
This site now uses a secure URL starting with https
As of today, this site has adopted a secure URL starting with https.
This caused some problems, as the re-direction (from http to https) didn't always work because of the cache of the navigators. The problem will disappear with time.
Although the http URL (which will be phased out) still works, we would recommend that you update your bookmark, adding an "s" to the URL.

Friday March 30, 2018
Jazz Hot # 683 is out, on-line only and free
See the French version of this page for a table of contents and click on the title to visit the website (in French).

Friday March 30, 2018
Saxophonist Stéphane Mercier on a new album of pianist Christian Brenner : "Les belles heures"
Saxophonist Stéphane Mercier can be heard on the new album of pianist Christian Brenner : "Les belles heures" (Music Box), recorded with Christian Brenner (p), Cassio Moura (guitar), Arnou De Melo (b) and Mauro Borghezan (drs).

Tuesday March 27, 2018
The band Ananke proposes several videos on its Youtube channel
The band Ananke has adde several videos on its Youtube channel.
Click on the title.
They also have revamped their website (

Thursday March 22, 2018
Final bar : trombonist Frans Van Dyck, aka Frankie Dake
We hear that trombonist/composer/arranger Frans Van Dyck (94) has passed away on March 17, 2018.
He had a long career, playing in many big bands (Henri Segers, Francis Bay, the BRT Jazzorkest led by Etienne Verschueren).
In the jazz field, he played with Jean Warland, Bobby Jaspar, Jack Sels, Fud Candrix, Ernst Van ’t Hof, Kurt Edelhagen, Johnny Dover, Freddy Sunder etc...
He also wrote numerous arrangements for brass bands.

Thursday March 22, 2018
Saxophonist Stéphane Mercier on tour in the UK with trumpeter Damon Brown
In April 2018, saxophonist Stéphane Mercier will be on tour in the UK with trumpeter Damon Brown (who played a.o. with saxophonist Steve Grossman).

Wednesday March 21, 2018
Juul's Ears : a documentary film on the late journalist/organizer Juul Anthonissen
A 50 minute documentary (in Dutch) by Philippe Cortens, Bob Maes, Carlo Dirties on the late journalist/organizer Juul Anthonissen, the man who organized numerous concerts at H'nita Club (B) which hosted so many of the absolute jazz greats. Stuffed with archive materials, old recordings and exclusive interviews this documentary is a tribute to the unrestrained musical passion of the man who single-handedly placed his hometown Heist-op-den-Berg on the word jazz stage.
Screening on March 22, 2018 (19:30) in Leuven (Zed Vesalius), on the occasion of the Leuven Jazz Festival.

Tuesday March 20, 2018
Jazzmozaïek Award 2018 : Peter Vermeersch (clarinet, composer/arranger)
Every year Jazzmozaïek (the jazzmagazine published by Muziekmozaïek) chooses a Belgian musician that stands out on the fields of renewal, rejuvenation and broadening of the genre.
This year Peter Vermeersch takes home this award for his unstoppable productivity and his artistic versatility.
Peter Vermeersch leads Flat Earth Society.

Tuesday March 20, 2018
Winner of the B Jazz International Contest : Martin Salemi Trio.
The winner of the B Jazz International Contest 2018, "'First Prize Albert Michael", is the Martin Salemi Trio.
The 6 finalists were Donder, Marcin Patrer trio, Malstrom, Kika Sprinters Large Ensemble, Dumbo Station, Martin Salemi Trio.
The winner Sabam for Culture Prize : Kika Sprangers Large Ensemble
The best live performance of 'The One Step' is rewarded too and this prize goes to Kika Sprangers Large Ensemble from The Netherlands.

Monday March 19, 2018
Jazz#Forum on March 20 in Leuven (B)
What is Jazz#Forum ? Jazz#Forum brings together everyone who is involved with jazz, in the broadest sense: musicians, promoters, managers, press, students and other professionals. The aim of Jazz#Forum is information, sensibilisation, inspiration and networking. The sessions brings general issues to the attention (without the pretence or expectation to solve them overnight) or provides inspiration or tips and tricks for one’s practice.
Location : Schouwburg in Leuven (Bondgenotenlaan 21) on 20 March 2018 (11:30).

Monday March 19, 2018
Guitarist Peter Hertmans wins the Sabam jazz composition Prize 2018
Guitarist Peter Hermans has won the Sabam jazz composition Prize 2018. The piece, titled "The one step", was the imposed piece played by the finalists of the Be Jazz Contest in Leuven (B).
A prize awarded by Sabam for Culture.

Sunday March 18, 2018
Drummer Lander Gyselinck wins the MIA award
In January 2018, in Brussels, drummer Lander Gyselinck won the Music Industry Awards (MIA’s) for the third time in a row as "best musician".

Saturday March 17, 2018
The FB and I Trio has an album on-line on Bandcamp : Live In Belgium And France
The F, B and I trio has released a digital album on Bandcamp (self produced) : "F, B and I - Live In Belgium And France". The recordings were made during concerts in Belgium and France in 2009 and 2010.
The trio consists of Nicola Andrioli (piano), Hendrik Van Attenhoven (bass) and Renaud Person (drs).
Click on the title.

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