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Sunday December 30, 2007
Bassist Philippe Aerts on a live DVD with Richard Galliano & Tangaria Quartet
Double bass player Philippe Aerts appears on DVD recorded live at the Marciac festival (F) with the French accordion player Richard Galliano & Tangaria Quartet.
"Live In Marciac 2006" (Milan - DVD 399 090-2) is a film by Frank Cassenti.

Saturday December 29, 2007
The Mediatheque sells mp3 downloads
The "Médiathèque de la Communauté française de Belgique" has started selling mp3 downloads on its web site.
Click on the title to see their offer in jazz.

Wednesday December 26, 2007
Hothouse news December 2007 : news from the Maison du Jazz in Liège
You can read on-line (in French) about the activities of the Maison du Jazz in Liège. You'll learn a.o. that Jean-Marie Peterken will pass his mandate as "administrateur-délégué" in January 2008 to Jean-Pol Schroeder, the well known jazz specialist and current "conservateur" of this jazz institution.
Click on the title.

Saturday December 22, 2007
Final bar : guitarist and composer Paolo Radoni. UPDATE : funeral on Friday, tribute on Saturday
Guitarist and composer Paolo Radoni (58) has died on December 21, 2007, in Brussels, after a 2 months illness (cancer).
Born in Italy in 1949, he moved as a child to Belgium where he became one of the most respected and appreciated jazz musicians of the Belgian scene. A sensitive player and composer, he has recorded several albums as leader : "Funny Ways", "Vento", "A day or two", "Storie vere", "Coast to Coast".
He toured most European countries as well as Canada, Japan and Africa and played with well known soloists like a.o. Lee Konitz, Joe Lee Wilson, Johnny Dyani, Joe Lovano, Rachel Gould, Perry Robinson, Riccardo Del Fra, Paolo Fresu etc.... He was involved in numerous collaborations, such as the Hommage (tribute) to René Thomas, Paul Dubois's Sweet Substitutes, Yvonne Walter, Anca Parghel, Majid Bekkas, Act big band and most of the names that count on the Belgian jazz scene.
He signed arrangements for various bands, such as Tentamarre, the tribute to René Thomas and a band he formed to play the music of Kurt Weil. He also wrote for theater.
Paolo was a very cultivated and articulate man, and his knowledge of the jazz tradition and of Brazilian music (a.o.) was impressive.
A warm human being, he had many friends in the musical world (he was one of the chairmen of the Lundis d'Hortense, the association of Belgian jazz musicians). He was known for his generosity and his love for the profound values of music, which he transmitted with devotion and enthusiasm to numerous students (at the Brussels Conservatory or during workshops such as "Jazz au Vert").
He was a real gentleman and a great artist.
He left this world while listening to "Luiza", the Jobim song which he considered as one of the masterpieces of music...
We will miss him. Thank you, Paolo.
Our thoughts go to Brigitte, his wife, and Naima and Leïla, his daughters.
Click on the title to read more about his achievements and visit the blog.
UPDATE : funeral on Friday Dec 28, 10:15, Uccle (Brussels) crematorium, avenue du Silence.
On Saturday, a tribute to Paolo will take place at the Sounds.
Photo : Jos L. Knaepen

Friday December 21, 2007
Mâäk's Spirit plays in unexpected locations and prepares a DVD box
Between September and December 2007, the band Mâäk's Spirit plays 48 musical performances in multiple unexpected locations in Brussels : a station, a laundry or grocery shop, an art gallery, etc...
This in the framework of the band's residence at the Beursschouwburg.
A DVD box will illustrate the performances, to be released on March 1, 2008 during a concert at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels.
Click on the title to watch some videos.

Friday December 21, 2007
Jazzmozaïk : December 2007 issue
  • Voorwoord: (Luc De Baets)
  • Robin Verheyen: “Jong genoeg om risico’s te nemen” (Peter De Backer)
  • Focus: Koken met Free Desmyter: “Something To Share” (Frederik Goossens)
  • David Linx & BJO: “Changing Faces” (Luc De Baets)
  • BNRF-Indooreditie 2008: “Kleinschalige Klasse!” (Bernard Lefèvre)
  • Jazzmozaïekjes - JazzLab series - Jazz Hoeilaart
  • De fotopagina van Jos: Michael Bublé (Jos L.Knaepen)
  • Dossier: Jazz in Vlaanderen (2): Gaat de overheid de jazz nu echt serieus nemen? (Luc De Baets)
  • J.P. De Smet over New Orleans: “De muziek verandert, maar de traditie blijft behouden” (Luc De Baets)
  • Columns Jack’s Groove: Joe Zawinul “The Early Years” (Jack van Poll)
  • Album Souvenir: Mike Zwerin (Marc Van den Hoof)
  • Swing Streets of New York (Paul W. Blair)
  • Holland Muziekland: Amusementsmuziek (Mischa Andriessen)
  • Nieuw op CD
  • De Jazzlezer: Blues For Billie (Bert Vuijsje)
  • Boeken Muzikantengids – Fotoboeken
  • Lee Konitz (Marc Van den Hoof)
  • De Jazzkriebels van Kris Baert (Bernard Lefèvre)
  • Jazzhistorie (10): Jazzconcours in België vanaf 1928 - deel 2 (Albert Michiels)
  • Muziek en Recht: De artiestennaam als merk (Marinus Vromans)
  • Muziekmozaïek Nieuws (Vincent De Laat)
  • Muziektheorie: Heinrich Schenker (Leon Lhoëst)
  • Laatste Noot

    Klik op titel voor de inhoud van de kersteditie Jazzmozaïek

  • Thursday December 20, 2007
    The friends of guitarist Paolo Radoni support him via a blog
    Guitarist Paolo Radoni is currently seriously ill.
    A blog has been launched to allow his friends and admirors to be informed of his condition and to pass him some messages of support.
    Click on the title.
    Update : Paolo has left us on Dec. 21, 2007, see newsflash dated Dec. 22, 2007.

    Tuesday December 18, 2007
    Final bar : photographer Daniel Theunynck
    We have just heard that Belgian jazz photographer Daniel Theunynck has died on Dec. 14 in Ghent.
    Click on the title to see some of his work on his website "", and visit his page on Youtube to watch some of the videos he made.
    Funeral on Dec. 21 2007, 10:55, in Nieuwpoort, Aula, Valkestraat 27.

    Saturday December 15, 2007
    The Jazz Centrum Vlaanderen in Dendermonde gets LP collection from the city of Antwerp.
    8500 records (LPs), currently in public libraries of the city of Antwerp, are to be given to the Jazz Centrum Vlaanderen in Dendermonde.
    This will raise the number of records available at the center to 12000 pieces.
    Together with numerous books and photos, the center now owns a vast historical archive.
    The titles will be soon available in an online database.

    Friday December 14, 2007
    Soon to be released on Igloo : a cd of trumpet player Gregory Houben with singer Julie Mossay
    The Igloo label announces for January 2008 the release of a cd of the trumpet player Gregory Houben with singer Julie Mossay, titled "Après un rêve" (Igloo Igl 196).
    Release concert in Verviers on Jan. 25, 2008.
    Photo : Rick

    Friday December 14, 2007
    Phil Abraham : X-treme trombone model, and a participation to a movie soundtrack
    Phil Abraham has developed for Courtois a trombone model named X-treme, built upon his personal experience.
    In France, he participated in the recording of the soundtrack (written by cellist Vincent Courtois) of the movie "Ma vie n'est pas une comédie romantique", by Marc Gibaja, with Marie Gillain and Gilles Lelouche. The movie will be out in Paris on December 19, 2007, and the soundtrack will be available on CD.
    Photo : Jos L. Knaepen

    Thursday December 13, 2007
    Saxophonist Frank Vaganée on a new Florian Ross cd
    Saxophonist Frank Vaganée appears on a new cd by the German pianist and composer Florian Ross, titled "Eight Ball & white horse" (Intuition/challenge Records), recorded with a 5 reeds section.

    Monday December 10, 2007
    Pianist Jef Neve to host his own radio show on Klara
    The 'Neve' show is to start on Friday, January 4, 19h to 21h on VRT radio Klara, jointly by Lies Steppe and Jef Neve.
    The public takes will be done at 'Studio Toots' at the VRT. Jef will play an intro, en ending, and during the show with his guests.
    The main guest for the first broadcast is Peter Vermeersch (clarinet and composer), a.o. the leader of Flat Earth Society.

    Sunday December 9, 2007
    Songwriter/vibraphonist Guy Cabay has recorded in Sao Paolo with Brazilian musicians
    Beginning of November 2007, songwriter/vibraphonist Guy Cabay went to Sao Paolo (Brazil) to record, with Brazilian musicians, his new songs (with his lyrics in Walloon) and some instrumentals.
    Guy Cabay is supposed to add his vocals here in Belgium.
    Photo : Michel Binstok

    Saturday December 8, 2007
    "Les tambours de Louis" by Lucien Putz : the story of a jazz musician in the margin
    Published by the "Editions namuroises", "Les tambours de Louis" is a new book (in French) by Lucien Putz which finds its inspiration from the life of a jazz musician in the margin, drummer Louis Mellyne.
    Click on the title for more infos.

    Sunday December 2, 2007
    Eurodjango, 2nd edition in Luxemburg, the Master of Jazz award goes to guitarist Philip Catherine
    The second Eurodjango edition took place this Saturday, December 1st at the conservatoire de musique of the city of Luxembourg G.D.
    Belgian guitarist & composer Philip Catherine received the European Django award as master of Jazz.
    The evening was presided by Michel Portal, François Lacharme did the presentations.
    Other winners are :
    Gianluca Petrella (trombone) Italy : DO new European talen European legend of jazz : Martial Solal European Django d'Or : Martial Solal

    Eight countries participated - Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania and Sweden.
    Le Luxembourg Jazz Orchestra under the direction of trumpeter Ernie Hammes did the musical part with performance offered by Michel Portal, Danilo Rea, piano (I), Nathalie Loriers, Belgian Django d'Or & EuroDjango 2000, Ramon Fossati trio (SP), David Reinhardt guitar & Costel Nitescu violin (R), Pascal Schumacher quartet, Ian Shaw piano & vocal (UK), Bo Stief, el. bass (DK), Georg Riedel, direction of LJO, (S).

    Saturday December 1, 2007
    Klara Prizes 2007 : Toots Thielemans (lifetime achievement) and Dré Pallemaerts (jazz)
    During a live radio show today, Radio Klara (VRT, Flemish radio) has announced its 2007 Prizes. As far as jazz is concerned, Toots Thielemans received a special award for his lifetime achievement and drummer Dré Pallemaerts received the award in the jazz category (voor zijn album "Pan harmonie").
    Photo : Jos L. Knaepen

    Friday November 30, 2007
    On RTBF tv La 2, Dec. 1 : Jazz in Little Belgium
    On December 1, 2007 (01:10), RTBF tv La 2 will air the documentary "Jazz in Little Belgium" (by Rémy Bréault, F, 2004).

    Friday November 30, 2007
    5 albums of trombone player Phil Abraham available on the iTunes Store
    5 albums of the trombone player Phil Abraham are now available on the iTunes Store as downloads : an (out of print, see photo) LP in quartet, a live album at the Sugar Village Jazz club, "En Public" (quartet), "Fredaines" and "Surprises" (trio).
    The "Jazz me do 2" album (Beatles project) is also available.

    Monday November 26, 2007
    22 Ron Carter solo transcriptions by Eric Fusillier published by Aebersold
    The Jamey Aebersold transcription series has added a new book of transcriptions of solos of the legendary double bass player Ron Carter. The 22 transcriptions have been made by Belgian bassist Eric Fusillier.
    Click on the title for more infos.

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