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Tuesday December 27, 2005
Les Lundis d'Hortense organizes "Gare au Jazz" on wednesdays
Under the title "Gare au Jazz", the Lundis d'Hortense (the Belgian association of jazz musicians) will organize concerts on wednesdays in their new location, the Jazz Station (Brussels). First evening is on Jan 18, a drink offered by the Lundis and a jam session, and on Jan 25, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse will play in duo with pianist Jean-Philippe Collard. The following concerts will a.o. be "laboratory concerts"...

Monday December 26, 2005
Jean Warland has written a book of anecdotes
Bassist, composer and arranger Jean Warland has written a book of anecdotes, with a solid touch of humour, telling numerous stories about his long musical career. The book will probably be bundled with a duo CD which he recorded in duo with Fabrice Alleman (saxes and clarinet). We'll keep you posted.

Wednesday December 21, 2005
The Brussels Jazz Marathon 2006 : May 19-21
The Brussels Jazz Marathon 2006 will take place during the weekend of Mai 19 to 21.
Bands can submit an application on line (enable pop-up in your browser)

Wednesday December 21, 2005
Jazzmozaïek : new issue is out
New issue is out.

Wednesday December 21, 2005
Jazz Stories : jazz lectures in Flagey, Brussels (Fr, Nl)
A series of 5 sessions to be held at Flagey, starting January.
Marc Danval will be the speaker for the French sessions, seconded by Marc Van den Hoof in Dutch for an overview of the most significant periods in jazz history.

Monday December 19, 2005
Final bar : drummer Jo De Muynck
We have just learned that drummer Jo De Muynck died on Dec. 18, 2005 after a long illness. After WW II, he was one of the busiest drummers on the Belgian scene, playing with many bands and recording numerous albums, mostly in pop music field, but also, as he was an accomplished musician, on the jazz scene.

Sunday December 18, 2005
Rare recordings from Michel Andina
New pieces, on a regular basis, at "Rare music from Europe" (click on title) on Michel Andina's web site (sound engineer and sitar player) :

  • Last week for :"Greetings from Mercury" Live at the Marktrock Festival”
  • Coming up : exclusive concert Aka Moon – Holochrome & guests

  • Thursday December 15, 2005
    Jazz Hot (F) : special issue on trumpet players
    A special issue of Jazz Hot (F) will be on sale between Dec. 15, 2005 and Feb. 15, 2006.
    With pieces on trumpet players : Clifford Brown, Howard McGhee, Fats Navarro, Booker Little, Louis Smith, Lee Morgan

    Monday December 12, 2005
    News from Alexi Tuomarila
    Pianist Alexi Tuomarila has been mainly between Finland and Holland the last year, he is coming back to Belgium beginning of next year.
    The British newspaper "The Observer" wrote a feature article about 6 musicians who they think are "six of the best of the new breed, breaking free from the code". Alexi was chosen as one of the 6.
    Others were, Bad plus, Arve Hendriksen, Solveig Slettahjell, Matthew Bourne and Aron Ottignon.
    The article came out in the monthly "Observer Music Monthly" and was named "Welcome to my world, the future sound of jazz" It can be found online (click on title to access)
    Alexi also won the "Granada International Jazz Contest" where he will perform on December 16th and record a new Quartet album.

    Sunday December 11, 2005
    More Belgian albums on the Apple iTunes Music Store : GAM, Robert Jeanne
    In its effort to place Belgian jazz productions on the Apple iTunes Music Store, Quetzal records has added more albums to its own catalog : the albums of the GAM label (see their catalog).
    Moreover, Quetzal proposes a never released live trio recording of saxophonist Robert Jeanne : "The Maastricht sessions" (QZ 113). Click on title to read more about this album, only available as a download.

    Friday December 9, 2005
    Erasme hospital and a pulmonary disease linked to ... saxophones
    If the letter we received is authentic, doctors of the Erasme University hospital in Brussels are currently studying pulmonary diseases that may be linked to the use of...saxophone. If you feel concerned, they will put you (and your instrument) to a series of tests (free). To read their letter in French, switch to the French newsflash page.

    Wednesday December 7, 2005
    December 15 : solidarity concert for musicians of New Orleans
    Jazz Station – Jazz Centrum Vlaanderen – Maison du Jazz à Liège : the three organizations join forces to support New Orleans and jazz musicians, who suffered from hurricane Katrina.
    A benefit concert for the " New Orleans Musician's Clinic" founded in 1998 by Dr Jack McConnell will take place on December 15, 19:00 at the Jazz Station in Brussels.
    Click on title for details.

    Tuesday December 6, 2005
    Final bar : trumpet player Milou Struvay
    Trumpet player Milou Struvay (from Liège) passed away on Nov. 30 after a long illness. Active in the fifties-seventies, he was a lyrical and sensitive player in the footsteps of Miles Davis or Chet Baker. He appears on the classic album "Jazz in Little Belgium" (Decca, 1958), on which he plays with "Jacques Pelzer and his young boys" (Jean-Pierre Gebler, Joël Vandrogenbroeck, Benoît Quersin and Vivi Mardens). Milou played a.o. with Jean-Pierre Gebler, Robert Jeanne, Pony Poindexter, Freddie Deronde, Pierre Vaiana, Antoine Cirri, Guy Cabay, etc...

    Tuesday December 6, 2005
    "La 3ème Oreille", on RTBF radio "La Première"
    Marc Danval's radio show, "La 3ème Oreille" can be heard on RTBF radio 1 every Saturday (13:30 - 15:00). This coming Saturday (Dec. 10) : a tribute to trumpet player Milou Struvay, who recently passed away. More details on the program in the French version of this page.

    Monday December 5, 2005
    Dec. 6 : on RTBF radio "La Première" : closing night of the Audi Jazz.
    "La Première" (RTBF radio) will cover the closing night of the Audi Jazz Festival on Dec. 6, 2006 (20:00-23:00) for a special "Douceurs d’un soir" hosted by Corinne Boulangier & Eric Russon. The closing concert (at the Bozar, Brussels) will feature Toots + Nathalie Loriers, Philip Catherine guitar orchestra, the Brussels Jazz Orchestra & Bert Joris, Steve Houben & Mélanie de Biasio.

    Sunday December 4, 2005
    Dec 4 : jazz day on radio Klara (VRT)
    On Sunday Dec, 4, 2005 the VRT radio Klara will have a special jazz day, from 10 a.m. until midnight. The regular radio shows will focus on jazz, and from 15:00, Mark Van den Hoof's Come Sunday will take over until 22:30 , with a.o. coverage of a concert which will take place in de Singel (Antwerp, featuring "3 for Steve Lacy" (Joe McPhee in trio), Jewels and Binoculars (Michael Moore in trio) and The Songsessions (Kris Defoort and band).
    Click on title for details.

    Friday December 2, 2005
    Dec 3 & 4 : First Jazz night on RTBF TV La 2
    On RTBF tv La 2 : the night of Saturday 3 December to Sunday 4th, 2005 starting at 23h to 7h40 in the morning : non-stop jazz with music, interviews, some previously non-broadcasted concerts.

    Click on title for details

    Wednesday November 30, 2005
    Special issue of Jazzaround for end 2005
    Jazzaround intends to publish a special issue (Dec. 20) mainly devoted to reviews of Cds, DVDs and books.
    Will contribute : - Philippe Franck (electronic & contemporary music)
    - Claude Loxhay (Belgian & European jazz belge)
    - Jean Osterberg (rock reissues)
    - Robert Sacré (blues)
    - Yves Tassin (French chanson, rock, pop)

    Wednesday November 30, 2005
    David Linx and Diederik Wissels : growing appreciation in France.
    After being bestowed, last spring, with Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres (David) the duo now won the prize for best jazz album of the year from l’Académie Charles Cros (‘One heart , Three voices ‘)
    They also received the ADAMI special award for their work.
    On December 12th David Linx will receive, from l’Académie du Jazz, the prize for best European musician.
    David et Diederik will present their new album on January 27 at Flagey.

    Tuesday November 29, 2005
    Jazz Hot (F) : December issue (# 626)
    Interview Gregory Houben

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