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Tom Mahieu
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Instrument(s) Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone
Date of birth 1971
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Mahieu / Vantomme Quartet (Leader)     

Tom MAHIEU started playing saxophone at the age of 18.

He studied at the 'Royal Conservatory Ghent' (B) with Frank VAGANÉE.
After following a number of training periods he decided to take lessons with John RUOCCO at the 'Royal Conservatory' The Hague (NL).

Tom considers jazz-music as the most broadest base for a musician and wants to use this base to further develop within his own profession as well as through collaborations with other branches of the arts like dance, theatre, film and so on.

For the moment he works as a free-lance musician and appears regularly with bands of his own and of his friends : El Tattoo del Tigre, Mozaiek, Fuzz Lite….

He recently formed with pianist Dominique VANTOMME the MAHIEU / VANTOMME Quartet.
April 2002 saw the release of their first cd "wicked-places"", featuring their own compositions.

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