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Steven Delannoye
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This is not an exhaustive discography but a list of the albums that have a dedicated page on this website. Additional information may be found at the bottom of the artist's introductory page.

As a leader or co-leader
Nicola Andrioli / Bert Cools / Steven Delannoye
Salon d'Harmonie I
el NEGOCITO Records November 21, 2018
Nicola Andrioli & Steven Delannoye
Salon d'Harmonie
  April 25, 2018
Steven Delannoye & Nicola Andrioli duo
Dining in The Dark
el NEGOCITO Records August 2016
Steven Delannoye New York Trio + Frank Vaganée
Here Comes Tomorrow
W.E.R.F. February 2014
Steven Delannoye New York Trio
Small World
Autoproduction October 2013
Steven Delannoye New York Trio + Frank Vaganée
Autoproduction October 1, 2012
Steven Delannoye Trio
Midnight Suite
W.E.R.F. March 7, 2009
As a participant
Anemic cinema
Anemic Cinema
el NEGOCITO Records April 2, 2021
Jazz Station Big Band & Grégoire Maret
Live in Dinant
Hypnote Records February 26, 2021
Peter Hertmans quintet
Live at Dommelhof
el NEGOCITO Records February 6, 2020
Chasing penguins
Chasing penguins
Rat records (Rare and Treacherous) April 9, 2019
Autoproduction / Outhere Distribution May 26, 2018
Small World
Live at the Bird's Eye
SoulFactory Records April 3, 2018
Antoine Pierre Urbex
Sketches of nowhere
Igloo April 2018
LG Jazz Collective
Strange Deal
Igloo January 2018
Thomas Decock
Light Travelers
  January 29, 2016
Antoine Pierre Urbex
Igloo January 8, 2016
LG Jazz Collective
New Feel
Igloo November 2014
Vansina Orchestra
Morning Forest aka Nose up Bottom down
Rat records (Rare and Treacherous) June 2014
Bal Folk
Igloo March 2014
Yip & Yang
SoulFactory Records October 22, 2013
Tuesday Night Orchestra
Band of birds
September May 2008
As a guest
Jean-Paul Estiévenart
Behind the darkness
Igloo November 18, 2016
David Thomaere Trio
Crossing Lines
W.E.R.F. March 8, 2016
Peter Hertmans Trio
The Other Side
Quetzal Records February 23, 2004
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