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Stéphane Mercier
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This is not an exhaustive discography but a list of the albums that have a dedicated page on this website. Additional information may be found at the bottom of the artist's introductory page.

As a leader or co-leader
The Jazz Station Big Band & Grégoire Maret
Live in Dinant
Hypnote Records February 26, 2021
Damon Brown & Stéphane Mercier quintet
The road
Hypnote Records September 25, 2020
State of time
Boeuf in the basement
Orfena Music October 22, 2019
Stéphane Mercier
Igloo October 1, 2018
Stéphane Mercier
Quetzal Records October 2013
Stéphane Mercier 4tet
Walking the soul map
Mognomusic March 21, 2009
Thielemans, Linx, BJO, Catherine, Loriers, HLM, Herr, Neve, Mercier
AMG Benelux July 25, 2008
Magalon / Hermans / Mercier
Magalon / Hermans / Mercier feat. Marc Frankinet
  January 21, 2007
Stéphane Mercier
Safe And Sound In Long Island City
Crea-Son December 2002
Stéphane Mercier
Flor De Luna
Fresh Sounds December 2000
Don’t butt in line
As a participant
Marylène Corro
  November 27, 2020
Bernard Guyot & Charles Loos "Summer Residence"
Cypres May 2014
Nu jazz project
Ragtime Production April 1, 2012
The Jazz Station Big Band
The Jazz Station Big Band
Igloo October 6, 2011
Charles Loos
Three times twenty
Mognomusic September 2011
Bernard Guyot Charles Loos
Summer Residence (live 2008)
Label Travers May 15, 2009
As a guest
Natacha Wuyts - Charles Loos
Quetzal Records November 20, 2012
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