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Stephan Pougin
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Instrument(s) Percussion
Date of birth September 11, 1969
Place of birth Arlon
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 Current bands

Waste Ground project (Sideman)      Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra (Sideman)
PHP (Sideman)      Overoceans (Sideman)
Orchestra Vivo ! (Sideman)      L'Orchestre du Lion (Sideman)
Jacques Pirotton Trio (Sideman)      Diederik Wissels / Jihye Lee (Sideman)
Après un rêve (Sideman)      Anne Wolf Trio (Sideman)

His first musical notions are given to him by his father, an amateur guitarist.
At the age of 6, Stephan POUGIN takes drums lessons with Louis MARCEAU.
He then attends the classes of the academy of Arlon, then of Etterbeek where he receives the Government medal for percussion.

He joins the army and plays in the "Musique de la Force Aérienne" and rapidly becomes a soloist.

He enters the professional world playing a.o. with the Canto General of Mikis THEODORAKIS.

In 1988, he studies at the Brussels Conservatory with percussionnists Georges Elie OCTORS and Robert VAN SICE.

Besides, he attends some jazz clinics, where the teachers are a.o. Antoine CIRRI, Billy HART, Steve HOUBEN, Charles LOOS, Jan DE HAAS.

In 1989, in Africa, he studies African percussion with Doudou N'Diaye ROSE.
He studies Cuban percussion with Didier LABARRE.
Percussion workshops at the A.I.E.W. with Chris JORIS and Didier LABARRE, and traditional music with Steve HOUBEN.

Founder of the group "MAIDEN VOYAGE", with which he appears at the 1993 Gaume Jazz Festival. ALso played with DREAM TEAM

He the moves to Brussels and joins in 1993 the band PANTA RHEI group, that specializes in contemporary traditional European music (see PANTA RHEI WEB SITE), with a.o. Steve HOUBEN. The band tours internationally, records several albums. It gives him also the opportunity to meet artists from various musical disciplines, such as COOPE, BOYES AND SIMPSON, José VAN DAM and Marie-Noëelle de CALLATAY, Bernard FOCROULLE, etc...

He played with Brazilian songwriter Marito CORREA and recorded with him, Steve HOUBEN and Michel HERR the CD "O Brilho Do Sol" (Big Bang 60203).

He also plays with the PIROTTON/HOUBEN/POUGIN Trio (CD "We can't stop Loving You", Igloo Igl 140, '98).

Stephan POUGIN also plays with Michel DEBRULLE's band Rêve d'Eléphant (CD : "Racines du Ciel", Werf 026)

Very eclectic, he also collaborates with orchestras playing Renaissance music Cetra d'Orfeo, or the Baroque ensemble "Les Agréments" of Guy VAN WAAS.

He also develops a deep interest in ethic music : he played with Irish violin player Kieran FAHY, the Bulgarian virtuoso of the rebec Yvan STEFANOV.

In 2000, he performs with Perry ROSE, the "Fanfare Kramique", the "Comparsa Congasolina". He recorded with US singer Dave EMERY.

Stephan POUGIN teaches percussion during the workshops of the "Jeunesses Musicales du Luxembourg".
. He teaches bodhran and spoons at the "Centre Gallego La Tentation" in Brussels.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Steve Houben / Jacques Pirotton / Stephan Pougin      Phinc..
Brazz      Al Orkesta
Steve Houben/Jacques Pirotton Quartet     

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