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Robert Cordier
Information Discography
Instrument(s) Drums
Date of death June 15, 2009
Robert Cordier played various styles of jazz, old style, with Jean-Lou Vanderborght, Paul Dubois, Renaud Patigny, Philippe Leblanc, Alain Lesire, André Van Lint etc..., to fusion jazz, with Christophe Vervoort, Vincent Mardens.

In 1986, he made an album as a leader and composer, titled "Magic Moods in a Mallow tone", with Richard Rousselet (tp), Vincent Mardens (saxes), Phil Abraham (tb), Albert Wastiaux (gt), Christophe Vervoort (kb), Paul Dubois (b), Renoir Hadri (b) and Jean-Pierre Catoul (vl).

He also appears on albums of boogie-woogie pianist Renaud Patigny ("Triton's Dance", with a.o. US singer Mandy Gaynes and "Live 98") and played with mainstream bands such as "The Groovers" and "The blue note".

In 1982, he recorded with the band "Podoum's Dixieland for the friends" the title "Bourbon Street Parade" for the Jazz Cats LP "Don't be afraid" (6983 004), with André Van Lint (piano), Herman Veldman (trombone), Johnny Dover (saxes and clarinet), Jules Vandycke (trumpet), Léon Demol (trumpet, a.k.a Podoum) and Paul Dubois (bass).

He also recorded :

  • "The best dixieland in town" (Polydor LP 2926114) with the "Retro Jazz Group" (1981)
  • André Van Lint Trio : "The world on a string" ( Jazz Cats 6983 002, in 1983).
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