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Richard Rousselet
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Instrument(s) Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Conductor
Date of birth August 9, 1940
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Phone +32 (0)65 31 79 00
Phone +32 (0)476 33 90 12
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 Current bands

From Duke to Monk (Leader)      New Special Quintet (Leader)
West Music Club (Leader)      KollecTiv (Sideman)

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Self taught, Richard ROUSSELET discovers jazz at the age of 15.

On the Belgian scene, he plays with numerous bands and wins a number of prizes as soloist:
1963, Prix Django REINHARDT,
1964, Prix de la maison de la Radio (LAUSANNE)
1969, participates in Festival de MONTREUX and plays with the International Festival Big Band, led by Clark TERRY and Ernie WILKINS.

He worked, for a long period, with pianist/composer Marc MOULIN in his various bands: PLACEBO, SAM SUFFY and more recently, PICNIC.
With PLACEBO, he wins, at the Festival of MONTREUX in 1971, the prize for best horn playing soloist, awarded by the International Press.

Thereafter, he is associated with pianist/composer Michel HERR, a.o. in SOLIS LACUS.

When the occasion presents itself, he plays with American soloists, who pass through Belgium : Hal SINGER, Benny BAILEY, Pepper ADAMS, Cecil PAYNE, Lou BENNETT, Ernie WILKINS, Johnny GRIFFIN, Al and Stella LEVITT, ...

Highly appreciated soloist, Richard ROUSSELET is member of ACT Big Band, the group LILITH, group SAX NO END of Jean WARLAND, in the old style band SWEET SUBSTITUTES with Charles LOOS, the group JAZZPIRINE assembled by Phil ABRAHAM.
He also worked with the Flemish radio (BRT) Big Band.

He appears, as leader, in a quartet as well as in quintet with guitarist Jean-François PRINS (1 CD).
He also created in '98 the ECAROH Quintet, a band which pays a tribute to the music of Horace SILVER.
In '99, 100th aniversary of Duke ELLINGTON, he played in Jean WARLAND's A TRAIN Sextet.
Since January 1989, he leads the jazz big band " WEST MUSIC CLUB".

Appreciated teacher, he gives classes in numerous seminars.
Since October 1988, he teaches at the Brussels Royal Conservatory (retiring in June 2005).

He can be heard in some twenty albums.

In July 1994, the "Commission du patrimoine" awarded him with the DARCHE FRERES prize, which is given to a musician "who has devoted a life time, with honour and devotion, to the service of musical art".

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International Festival Big Band conducted by Clark TERRY and Ernie WILKINS (69) (Polydor S2391 011)
PLACEBO "Ball Of Eyes" (71) (CBS 64625)
Belgian Big Band (72) (Alpha 7008)
PLACEBO 73 (73) (CBS 65683)
PLACEBO(74) (Harvest C 064 95378)
Marc MOULINPlacebo Sessions 1971-1974 (71-74 reissued on CD, 99) (Counterpoint CD CRCD005 '99
SAM'SUFFY (74) (CBS 80753, reissued)
SOLIS LACUS (75) (EMI-IBC 4 C 062 96949)
Christine SCHALLER et ACT 12 BIG BAND (80) "Real Life"
ACT BIG BAND (81) (LDH 1002)
Bob PORTER "Meetin' You"(83) (B. Sharp 1002
Paolo RADONI "Hotel Love" (83) (LDH 1005)
Jean-Pierre GEBLER and Friends< (83) (LDH 1006)
Christine SCHALLER "Peter Zee Cat" (84)
Richard ROUSSELET Quintet "No Maybe" (85) (LP JAZZ CATS 6985 011)
Claudine SIMON "Lilith"(86) (Igloo 041)
Marc MOULIN "Picnic"(86) A 277
Robert CORDIER Ensemble "Magic Moods In A Mellow Tone" (86) (Igloo 049)
Claudine SIMON "Lilith" Eclaircies (91) (CD Igloo Igl 086)
West Music Club (as conductor) "25th" (92) WMC 9201
SOLIS LACUS (reissue) (B. Sharp CDS 082)
West Music Club (as conductor) "Mosaique" (95) (WMC 9502)
Richard ROUSSELET quintet (reissued 95 + CD bonus tracks) "No Maybe ...!" (B. Sharp CDS 102)
Bob PORTER "Meeting You" (reissued 95) (B. Sharp CDS 103)

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Ecaroh Quintet      Richard Rousselet - Marie Anne Standaert new quintet
Hommage à Gerry Mulligan      Wal House Of Jazz
Richard Rousselet Quintet : Miles Davis Project      Sax Port
Sax No End      Stéphane Mercier drumless quartet
Paul Dubois and the Sweet Substitutes      Jazz Me Do
Belgian Trumpet Combination      Autumn In Blue Sextet
Act Big Band      A Train Sextet

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