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Pierre Bernard
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Instrument(s) Flute, Piccolo, Alto flute, Bass flute
Date of birth 1959
Place of birth Léopoldville, Congo
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 Current bands

Pierre Bernard solo (Leader)      PiXL Trio (Sideman)
Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra (Sideman)      MikMâäk (Sideman)
Les Chroniques de l'inutile (Sideman)      L'Orchestre du Lion (Sideman)
Henri Greindl Quintet (Sideman)     

Born in Léopoldville, Zaïre in 1959, Pierre BERNARD took classical lessons at the Liège Music Conservatory, and also attended improvisation classes with Garrett LIST.
He obtained a first prize for flute as well as in chamber music.

He becomes involved in contemporary classical music, playing with SYNONYM, with Isabelle POUSSEUR in Arnold SCHOENBERG, Philippe BOESMANS, Guillaume ORTI, etc...

He becomes more and more involved in avant garde jazz ensembles, in the experiments of the KAAI club.

He plays with LA GRANDE FORMATION, with a.o. trombone player/composer Garrett LIST (CD Voyage).

With pianist Erik VERMEULEN's "Icarus Consort" he records the CD "Into Pieces"

He played with "KDs Basement Party" with pianist Kris DEFOORT and was a member of the VARIATIONS ON A LOVE SUPREME project of Kris DEFOORT (p) and Fabrizio CASSOL (alto sax) and appears on the CD.

He recently participated in PARFUM LATIN (CD Parfum Latin) with Charles LOOS and Anne WOLF (p/kb), Henri GREINDL (b) and Jan DE HAAS (drs).

He also played with :

  • Michel HATZIGEORGIOU's Homage to Jaco PASTORIUS
  • Michel DEBRULLE's band Rêve d'Éléphant with whom he recorded the CD Racines du Ciel" (Werf 026)
  • AKA MOON ELECTRIC, with whom he recorded the CD Invisible Sun (Carbon 7).

    He is also a member of the band OCTURN and recorded with them the album Round (Werf 020).

    He formed with pianist Véronique BIZET the duo BED AND BREAKFAST.

  • In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
    Bed and Breakfast (Véronique Bizet / Pierre Bernard)      Hommage to Jaco Pastorius
    Algam et les Douze Tribus      Acous-Trees
    Variations On A Love Supreme      Stavroguine Histoire(s) de Jazz
    Parfum Latin     

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