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Philippe Reul
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Instrument(s) Guitar, Electric bass, Keyboards, Composer
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Philippe REUL is a musician who plays several instruments, mainly the guitar, but also the bass guitar, piano and keyboards, and who is at ease in various musical styles : blues, folk, fusion, pop music and jazz.

On the pop and folk scene, he played with the band MacRAHL, the Walloon blues singer William DUNKER, John ARCADIUS, etc...

On the Belgianjazz and avant-garde scene, he had the opportunity to play and record with the Garrett LIST Ensemble, in which he played bass, with a.o. Kris DEFOORT (piano), Rhonny VENTAT (sax), Marc FRANKINET (tp), etc... He participated in the album "The Unbearably Light".

Another band he worked with is the "NEW QUARTET" with Jean BORLEE (bass), R. HUPPERMANS and Antoine CIRRI (drs).

Philippe REUL also played in trio with pianist Véronique BIZET and saxophonist Erwin VANN.

In 1996, at the Music Conservatory in Namur (B), where he teaches at the time, he meets tenor saxophonist Nicolas KUMMERT and forms with him the band ALCHIMIE.

In February 2001, the band released its first album "Alchimie" on the IGLOO label. (Igl 153)

Associated bands:
Alchimie      Marc Lelangue "Tribute to Ray Charles"
Marc Lelangue & the Heavy Muffulettas     

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