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Patrick Deltenre
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Instrument(s) Guitar, Harmonica
Date of birth February 26, 1960
Place of birth La Hestre
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 Current bands

Patrick Deltenre / Ivan Paduart duo (Leader)      What a Wonderful Toots (Leader)
Trio V.O. (Sideman)      Tony O'Malley (Sideman)
Moon Express (Sideman)      Kristen Cornwell Trio (Sideman)
HB Express (Sideman)      Alligator boogaloo (Sideman)

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Patrick DELTENRE is a very flexible and versatile musician who is at ease in various musical styles : blues, fusion, pop music and jazz.

On the pop scene, he is active in the recording studios or on stage. He played with numerous singers and bands, like recently singers Axelle RED or Tony O'MALLEY.

He played with bluesman Marc LELANGUE and with the Calvin OWENS Big Band, with drummer Thierry GUTMANN and bassist Michel HATZIGEORGIOU.

Patrick DELTENRE was also involved with some fusion and jazz projects of pianist and composer Ivan PADUART and appears on several of his albums, such as "Aftertouch", "Illusions sensorielles" and Folies Douces".

Other musicians of the jazz scene he played with are Mimi VERDERAME (drs), Frédéric JACQUEMIN (drs), François GARNY (b), Frank DE RUYTER (ten sax), Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE (b), Michael BLASS (p), Félix SIMTAINE (drs), Jean WARLAND (b.), Bruno CASTELLUCCI (drs) etc...

Patrick DELTENRE appears on the CD "Wait and See" of pianist Michael BLASS (B. Sharp).

He appears on the CD "Hommage à René Thomas" (Igloo), with a guitar big band put together by Fabien DEGRYSE which pays a tribute to the late Belgian guitarist.

He is a member of the Laurent DOUMONT Soul Jazz Quintet and appears on the album released in February 2001.

He also did duos with guitarist Kevin MULLIGAN or pianist Ivan PADUART.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Laurent Doumont Soul Band      Hommage à René Thomas

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