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Paolo Loveri
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Instrument(s) Guitar
Date of birth July 20, 1965
Place of birth Italy
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Phone +32 (0)475 80 56 16
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 Current bands

Angelo Gregorio / Paolo Loveri (Leader)      Paolo Loveri & Nicolas Gaul (Leader)
Fabrice Alleman / Paolo Loveri Duo (Leader)      Paolo Loveri Trio (Leader)
Paolo Loveri / Adrien Volant Quartet (Leader)      Nu jazz project (Sideman)
Angelo Gregorio Via Toledo Jazz Quartet (Sideman)      Elliptik (Sideman)
Dimitri Delvaux Quintet (Sideman)     

Paolo LOVERI was Born in Naples

During the years 1987-88 he attended jazz seminar at Sienna, studying with Bruno TOMMASO, Tommaso LAMA, Enrico RAVA and Paolo FRESU.
He was also at Ravenna Jazz with Pat METHENY and at Aversa jazz with Bruce FORMAN.
At the same time and up to 1990 he also took private lessons with Pietro CONDORELI.

In 1991 he obtained 1st prize at the jazz department of the Brussels Conservatory in Belgium, where he studied with Paolo RADONI, Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE, Richard ROUSSELET, Arnould MASSART, Guy CABAY.
In 1994 he obtains again a 1st prize.

Paolo started his musical activity in Italy, playing with Marco ZURZOLO, Marco SANNINI, Lello PANICO, Enrico RAVA, Pietro CONDORELLI, before settling down in Belgium.

His musical activity in Belgium folds as follows:

  • 1992: Guy CABAY - Jazz Rally
  • 1993: Jazz rally with Marco SANNINI and Nono GARCIA | Fabrice ALLEMAN Quartet (at Oostkamp & Bruges Festivals)
  • In duo, with Fabrice ALLEMAN, at Bruges Festival | Weekly appearances at the "SOUNDS", in Brussels, Paolo LOVERI Trio + guest
  • 1994: numerous appearances with the NAMUR BIG BAND & RICHIE JAZZ BAND
  • 1995: Namur Jazz Festival with "GROOVY WHAT's" | Brussels Jazz Rally with "OUTSIDE BAND"
  • 1996: Asian tour with variety group "CITIZEN JANE" | production of video clips for MTV | Touring Italy in duo Alleman-Loveri | cultural exchange with Spain, groupe " Deosans "
  • 1997: " Calvin Owens Orchestra ", Blues Festival Frankfurt, Munich, Dresden (Germany), Rotterdam, Groningen (Holland), Sarreguemine (France), Beveren , Gouvy (Belgique). | Jazz Rally 1997 duo Alleman-Loveri | Francofolies de Spa with group " Largo " and Fabienne Coppens, " Tome II " | Audi Jazz Festival duo Alleman-Loveri opening for the Larry Coryell quartetet / Billy Cobham. | tour in Nicaragua duo Alleman-Loveri
  • 1998: Touring Belgium duo Alleman-Loveri and Italian guitarist Pietro Condorelli. | Expo 1998, Portugal with group Largo | Festival " Couleur Café " with Moustafa Largo | Francofolies de Spa with Adamo | Sessa Jazz festival in quartet Alleman-Loveri, featuring Antonio Golino, Gianluggi Coglia, and guest Pietro Condorelli (Italy) | Concert with Claude Barzotti en Afrique, Ivory coast.
  • 1999: Festival "Nam in Jazz" with Guy Cabay quintet | Festival "Nam in Jazz" - Duo-Alleman/Loveri | Francofolies de Spa with Moustafa Largo | Francofolies des enfants with "Secrets sucrés" | Improsessions musicales at Halles de Schaerbeeck | Gaume Jazz festival, Ciney Jazz Night with Alleman/Loveri and a string quartet | Mons Cap Sud Festival with Fabrice Alleman ONE SHOT band | Touring the Reunion Island with Claude Barzotti

    In Belgium, he played with many well known musicians, such as : Bruno CASTELLUCCI, Michel HERR, Richard ROUSSELET, Guy CABAY (CD) etc...

    He founded a very successful DUO with saxophonist Fabrice ALLEMAN.

    They recorded the CD "DUO". They also have recorded the album "On the Funny Side of the Strings", released in May 2001.
    (First appearance at the Gaume Jazz Festival '99)

    He also played with Fabrice ALLEMAN ONE SHOT BAND.

    (See top of page for main discography)

    Two records with pop group "PANORAMICS"
    Recordings, in Italy, at RAI studios in Milan, Naples and Rome
    Recordings, in Belgium, by RTBF with Big Band "RICHIE JAZZ BAND"
    CD with jazz funck group " Groovy What's " - " La "
    Studio work with "SOUNDS STUDIO"
    3 CDs with "CITIZEN JANE"
    - First Lady and Second Man
    - Breakthrough
    - Four Seasons
    CD with Christian Bécart, variété française : " Chouette Swing "
    CD rock with group Largo : " Lola ", production BMG France
    CD de variété française avec Paul Louka
    CD de Jay Conrad " Steeltown Girl " production ARCADE
    CD de Guy Cabay " La ca "
    CD variete Lorenzo Caminotti
    CD avec Mustapha Largo
    CD avec Christian Bécart - Chansons pour enfants
    CD avec Moustafa Largo pour la RTBF "Si ça nous chante"

    Current activities include:
    playing with Vincent ANTOINE Trio | CITIZEN JANE | COOL JAZZ BAND | Improvisations Musicales | The Calvin OWENS Blues Orchestra

    Teaches Jazz at the Paul Emile Janson Academy, the Conservatoire of Ciney etc...

  • In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
    Fabrice Alleman / Paolo Loveri Duo + String Quartet      Radoni's Tribe
    Loveri-Luc Duo      Open Five
    Julie Dumilieu Quintet      Radoni / Loveri / da Costa
    The Bundle     

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