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Nathalie Loriers
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Instrument(s) Piano, Composer
Date of birth October 27, 1966
Place of birth Namur
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Phone +32 (0)85 23 63 86
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 Current bands

Nathalie Loriers / Tineke Postma / Nicolas Thys (Leader)      Obviously / Fabrice Alleman New Quartet (Sideman)
Michel Herr Positive Tentet (Sideman)      Brussels Jazz Orchestra (Sideman)

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Nathalie LORIERS first had a classical training but she was very soon interested in jazz following stages and seminaries, when studying in the Brussels Royal Conservatory's jazz section where she receives a first jazz prize for harmony and piano In 1990.
This was followed by the Sax Prize of the Jazz Critics Association in 1989,
Belga Prize for the Brussels Jazz Rally Best Soloist in 1990 and first prize of the French speaking public radios Jazz Contest in 1991.

Among her teachers are Dennis LUXION, Steve HOUBEN, Pirly ZURSTRASSEN.

During summer workshops, she had the opportunity to meet Charles LOOS, John RUOCCO, Alex ULANOWSKY, Jim McNEELY, Dave FRANK, Rob MADNA, Diederik WISSELS,...

As a freelance she made beautiful musical meetings with Steve HOUBEN, Diederik WISSELS, David LINX, Félix SIMTAINE, Toots THIELEMANS, Philip CATHERINE, Rachel GOULD, Hélène LABARRIERE and then Lee KONITZ, Al LEVITT - with whom she recorded a CD for the RTBF in 1993 - and many other figures of the Belgian jazz scene.

Nathalie LORIERS formed her own quartet with Kurt VAN HERCK (sax), Philippe AERTS (bass), Mimi VERDERAME (dms), with whom she recorded her first CD album, Nymphéas (June 1991).
In January 1993, she recorded an album with Lee KONITZ and Al LEVITT.

In '93, she recorded with Cameron BROWN (b), Rick HOLLANDER (drs) and Jeroen VAN HERZEELE (sax) the CD "Dance or Die" (Igloo).

In '99, she receives the Belgian Django d'Or.

In 2000, she receives a EuroDjango award on February 11th, 2000, in the category "contemporary European jazz artist".
She also receives the Bobby JASPAR Prize from the French "Académie du Jazz" for her achievements as a European musician.

She appears with Ivan PADUART's TRUE STORY band, with a.o. Charlie MARIANO (sax), Peter HERTMANS (gt), Jean-Pierre CATOUL (vl), etc... (CD "True Stories")

She participated in a CD of Italian saxophone player Emanuele CISI, titled "L'ange caché" (Pygmalion), with Paolo FRESU (tp), Rémi VIGNOLO (bass) and Aldo ROMANO (drs).

Since October 1994, she is jazz piano teacher at the Koninklijke Conservatorium van Brussel.

Nathalie LORIERS is also a composer.
She plays a lot in trio, with Sal LAROCCA (bass) and Hans VAN OOSTERHOUT (drums) and tours in Belgium and abroad.

End 1995 she releases her third CD "Walking Through Walls, Walking Along Walls" (Igloo)
In 1999, she releases another trio CD : "Silent Spring"

She also appears with her own sextet, Nathalie LORIERS Trio + EXTENSIONS.
In May 2002, with this formula, release of the CD : "Tombouctou"

In 2004, Nathalie Loriers starts to work with Tunisian oud player Yadh Elyes. They form the group "Chemins Croisés". The duo presents a rare combination of two instruments symbolic for their culture, the piano representing the European tradition and the oud (Arab lute) representing the Arab tradition. The complete new repertoire is written by Nathalie Loriers and Yadh Elyes. The compositions are full of of jazz flavor combining meditative oriental music. At the Gaume Festival, summer 2004, Nathalie receives a carte blanche for an exceptional concert: she enlarges the duo format into a quintet and invites some international renowned musicians as : Gianluigi Trovesi (clarinettes), Joêl Allouche (percussions) and Tony Overwater (bass and electric gamba violin). The group plays at the Munster festival in Geremany, the Bath festival in England and at au Jazz Middelheim. Since may 2005, a young oud player from Belgium Jordan origin Karim Baggili replaces Yadh Elyes.

In 2005, La Deux (Belgium Broadcasting Company) has diffused a portrait about Nathalie Loriers : « Nathalie Loriers, a lady in jazz ». This film produced by Pierre Barré et Thierry Loreau gives us an insight in the world of Nathalie presenting interviews, rehearsals and fragments of concerts.

Nathalie Loriers and Philippe Aerts have been playing duets since 2002.
In order to get the best sound qualities out of their instrument, the two musicians usually play acoustically. Nathalie and Philippe play with a lot of freedom and interaction.
The music produced by this duet can be swinging and powerful as well as intimate and delicate.

In 2007, The cultural center « De Bijloke » (Gent, Belgium), suggests to Nathalie Loriers to make a unique concert with one of their resident groups, the « Spiegel String Quartet ».
This new project associates a Jazz quartet with a classical string quartet.
Trumpet Player Bert Joris writes most of the arrangements for this new project, and his creativity and expertise brings a new life to Nathalie's original repertoire.

Clear melodic lines and subtle harmonic progressions, fine arrangements leaving enough space for improvisation, the dialog between both quartets remains well balanced and gives an original sound to the music.

All this is of course helped by one of the most swinging rhythm sections of the moment, Philippe Aerts on double bass and Joost van Schaik on drums.

The string quartet is now composed of Igor Semenoff and Stefan Willems (violins), Aurélie Entringer (alto) and Jan Sciffer (cello).

The band recorded a new album, « Moments d'éternité » in february 2009 (label « DE WERF), and played the cd release concert during the GentJazz festival 2009, in front of a very pleased and enthusiastic audience.

Working as a "side woman"

Al away her career Nathalie Loriers has worked together as a side woman with a large number of musicians: amongst them Philip Catherine, Toots Thielemans, Jacques Pelzer, Steve Houben, Christian Escoudé, David Linx, Diederik Wissels, Aldo Romano, Charlie Mariano.
Since 2002, she participates with the European Big Band which features soloists and directors like Bob Mintzer, Gianluigi Trovesi, Kenny Wheeler,

Also since 2002, Nathalie Loriers contributes as a piano player in the Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO).
The BJO features Belgium and international soloists like Maria Schneider, Dave Liebman, Phil Woods, Philip Catherine, Bert Joris, Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone and Tom Harrel.
This international renown orchestra did participate in a large number of manifestations : Jazz Sous Les Pommiers (France), Feldkirch Festival (Austria), The Cutting Room (New York), North Sea Jazz Festival (Netherlands), Dublin Jazz Week (Ireland).

Working as a teacher.

Parallel to her career as a musician, Nathalie Loriers teaches the jazz piano since 1994 at the "Royal Conservatory of Brussel" , as well as in several music academies in the French community of Belgium.
During a long period she performs summer classes in the Academy of Libramont.

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"LE JAZZ PERD LE NORD" Félix Simtaine QuintetWBM l08
"L'ANGE CACHÉ"Emanuele CisiPygmalion (F)

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
An American songbook feat. S. Houben, Julie Mossay, N. Loriers, ORCW      Nathalie Loriers 3 + Bert Joris + string quartet
Loriers / Postma / Aerts      Nathalie Loriers Trio
Ivan Paduart & True Story      Nathalie Loriers New trio
Nathalie Loriers Trio + Extensions      Steve Houben & Michel Herr present "The Real sax section"
Jan de Haas Quintet      Augustin Foly Jazz quartet
Mary Kay      Laurent Blondiau Quintet
Jdh Band     

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