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Michel Massot
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This is not an exhaustive discography but a list of the albums that have a dedicated page on this website. Additional information may be found at the bottom of the artist's introductory page.

As a leader or co-leader
Massot/Florizoone/Horbaczewski invites Claron McFadden
Aventura Musica January 2017
Surprises du Chef
Folles Impatiences
Babel effet December 4, 2015
Pavane de l'âne fou
  April 25, 2015
Balades éphémères
Aventura Musica May 17, 2013
Michel Massot & Babelouze
Michel Massot & Babelouze
Autoproduction March 24, 2012
Trio Grande & Matthew Bourne
Hold the line !
W.E.R.F. April 2011
Trio Grande & Matthew Bourne
Un matin plein de promesses
W.E.R.F. April 18, 2008
Cinema novo
Aventura Musica February 21, 2008
Rêve d'Éléphant Orchestra
Lobster Caravan
W.E.R.F. May 2004
Trio Grande
Signé Trio Grande
W.E.R.F. January 2002
Rêve d'Éléphant Orchestra
Racines Du Ciel
W.E.R.F. April 2001
Trio Grande
Trio Grande
Igloo 1994
Artistes de Wallonie et Bruxelles
Le Jazz perd le Nord
WBM November 1989
As a participant
Rêve d'éléphant Orchestra
Dance dance
Igloo October 16, 2020
Igloo September 27, 2019
L'orchestre du lion
Connexions urbaines
Igloo March 9, 2018
1998 - 2018
MET- X Moving Music / Mâäk (Compilation) January 2018
Trio Grande
Trois mousquetaires
W.E.R.F. November 6, 2016
Myriam Alter
Enja October 8, 2015
W.E.R.F. October 8, 2015
Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra
Odyssée 14
W.E.R.F. June 13, 2015
W.E.R.F. October 2014
W.E.R.F. January 2013
Fabrizio Cassol
Strange fruit
EMI - Blue Note March 17, 2012
Tuur Florizoone - MixTuur
W.E.R.F. September 2011
Trio Bravo
Quatrième monde
Igloo May 27, 2011
Rêve d'Éléphant Orchestra
Pourquoi pas un scampi ?
W.E.R.F. January 21, 2011
Tuur Florizoone
Aanrijding in Moscou
Aventura Musica January 30, 2008
La Danse des Komnous
Tomassenko production May 6, 2006
K.D.'s Basement Party
Sketches of Belgium / Live at De Werf
W.E.R.F. February 2006
Kris Defoort
ConVerSations / ConSerVations
W.E.R.F. September 28, 2005
Mâäk's Spirit
Al Majmaâ
Igloo May 2004
Igloo Couleurs Jazz Vol.3 Igloo December 2002
Mâäk's Spirit
Le Nom Du Vent
Nefertiti 2002
Tomas & co
Le Second Souffle De Josaphat
Franc'Amour December 1999
Kris Defoort & Dreamtime / Kris Defoort Quartet
W.E.R.F. April 1999
Fabrizio Cassol / Kris Defoort
Variations On A Love Supreme
W.E.R.F. 1995
La Grande Formation
Carbon 7 1994
K.D.'s Basement Party
Sketches Of Belgium
W.E.R.F. April 1993
Michel Herr & Archie Shepp
Just Friends
AMC 1993
La Grande Formation
Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town
Igloo 1991
Artistes de Wallonie et Bruxelles
Le Jazz perd le Nord
WBM November 1989
As a guest
Well July 11, 2014
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