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Marito Correa
Information Discography
Instrument(s) Vocals, Guitar, Composer
Date of birth 1950
Place of birth Sao Paolo
Date of death 2018
© Jos L. Knaepen
Marito CORREA, although he cannot be considered a jazz musician, has lived in Belgium during several years between now and back in the nineties and has been associated with two major jazz soloists from Belgium, saxophonist/flutist Steve HOUBEN and pianist Michel HERR.

Together, they released a remarkable CD of Marito CORREA's compositions : Steve HOUBEN / Marito CORREA : "O Brilho do Sol" (Big Bang Music 60203).
It features Marito's beautiful melodies and subtle harmonies as well as inspired playing by the two Belgian musicians : Steve HOUBEN alternates between soprano, alto sax and flutes; Michel HERR plays acoustic piano and synthesizers. They are joined by percussionist Stefan POUGIN and Marcia MARIA (vocals).

Marito CORREA was born in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 1950, in a musical family from Bahia. He studied at the Music Conservatory of Sao Paulo. At the age of 16, he starts performing in the clubs of Sao Paulo, already as a guitarist and singer of his own songs. He plays with Leni ANDRADE, Caetano VELOSO, Danilo CAYMMI, Joao DONATO and many others. In 1972, he moves to Rio de Janeiro where he rapidly becomes a well known musician on the night club scene. He also presents his work throughout Brazil. Looking for new horizons, Marito goes to Europe, where he performs as a soloist and with his own group, in Paris, Amsterdam, etc...

In Paris, Brazilian singer Marcia MARIA hears him and reacts with enthusiasm to the creativity of his music and the beauty of his songs. She records one of his songs on her first album. Thanks to his studies and experiences, Marito has developed a deep knowledge of all kinds of popular Brazilian rhythms. His work combines all these influences (afoxe, frevo, samba, balao, maxixe, choro, etc..) with new musical trends and jazz solos. Marito allies a rare sense for touching melodies and rich harmonies with interesting lyrics.

Several artists have recorded his songs : Isabelle ANTENA, David LINX, etc...

He participated in the festival "Viva Brazil" festival and performed several times with Steve HOUBEN and Michel HERR.

He now shares his time between Belgium and Brazil.

Marito CORREA, an expressive and generous talent, creates a music of a high emotional quality, and can be considered one of the most interesting Brazilian songwriters of the moment.

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