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Marc Lelangue
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Instrument(s) Guitar, Songwriter
Date of birth 1961
Place of birth Courtrai
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59/61 avenue Adolphe Lacomblé
1030 Bruxelles
Web site Dedicated website
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Marc Lelangue (solo) (Leader)      The heavy muffulettas (Leader)
Marc Lelangue Blues Band (Leader)     

Born in Courtrai, West Flanders, in a maternity now transformed into a home for the aged, which will eventually permit him to end where he started...

In 1981, Marc LELANGUE "makes a voyage to the Capital", and discovers blues through a record of Big Bill BRONZY of which he memorizes the songs. Follow concerts solo in Wallonia and Brussels in locations as unheard of as himself.

He meets Luther TUCKER, cousin of Robert LOCKWOODJunior and guitarist during legendary sessions of Little WALTER, Sonny Boy WILLIAMSON or John Lee HOOKER. TUCKER happens to leave nearby and invites him several times to eat, play cards, have a drink, to sing the rural blues that he is practicing and which evokes in TUCKER many souvenirs.

Programmed by Jean-Marie HACQUIER at the Ostend jazz festival, he forms, for the occasion a quintet in which included Piet MERTENS - harmonica, bassist Alexandrey FURNELLE, saxophone player Bernard LONCHEVAL and drummer Olivier ROSSELLI. The group jams at this occasion with singer Johan VERMINNEN.

The duo with Piet MERTENS pursues and they even play a set after Louisiana RED, one night in Ghlin.

The harmonica man, who is also graduate engineer of agronomy, ended by finding a job in the Dominican Republic and was never replaced.

Marc LELANGUE participated several times in tours organized by the Lundis d'Hortense, as well as Festivals organized by this same association.

In 1987, he does the gambit at the Ancienne Belgique of an appearance by Johnny COPELAND, with a group including Paolo RADONI - guitar, Alexandre FURNELLE - double bass, Frédéric WILBAUX - piano, Thierry GUTMANN - drums.

He also writes songs in French and participated, in 1988, in the Eté du Botanique and the Festival de Gaume.

In 1989, he plays at the Festival "Jazz au Château" in Oupeye, does a tour in France (Nancy, Mulhouse) and gives various concerts a.o. with 3 guitars, with Pierre VAN DORMAEL and Paolo RADONI at the "Travers" in Brussels.
Then, he formd a band composed of Patrick DELTENRE (guitar), Daniel ROMEO (bass), Thierry GUTMANN (drums).

In autumn 1991, the group accompanied singer Zora YOUNG during 16 voncerts around France, at "Nancy Jazz Pulsations" as well as "New Morning" (Paris).
The group also appeared in Colmar, Contrexéville, at "Spring Blues Festival" in Ecaussines, at Festival "Jazz à Liège", at "Jazz Haus" in Freiburg im Breisgau, at South Blues Festival of Tamines and at the Jazz Rally of Sevilla.

In October 1992, Marc LELANGUE makes his first CD: "Blues you could use" - IGLOO.

Since then, he played at the Botanique, Belga Jazz Festival in Maubeuge, at "Instants chavirés" (Montreuil), Lille, Kultuur Kaffee of the VUB. He opens for Luther Guitar Junior JOHNSON at Louvain-La-Neuve; Programmed at Printemps de Bourges, Donietsk (Ukraine), Düsseldorf, Eupen, at Festival d'Oupeye, Festival de jazz de Namur, Festival de rentrée du Botanique and in Le Havre, on deck of the cargo "Melquiades".

1993: Concerts in Altdorf (Switzerland), and tour of 10 dates in France.
In 1994: 3 weeks tour in France as well as 15 dates in Spain and the production of an album of Claude SEMAL "A nos Amours" (Franc'Amour FC 084).

And a year later, under the same label, his own CD GLANDEUR NATURE
featuring his repertoire of songs in French.

In 2001, Marc LELANGUE has another album out, in English this time, titled "Greenville".

Marc LELANGUE is still faithful to blues singing, but has recently created a parallel repertoire, of songs that he wrote in French. He is also known for his humorous presence during his live appearances.

On Moodio tv, a video with an interview (in French) and some live music

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Marc Lelangue "Tribute to Ray Charles"      Marc Lelangue & the Heavy Muffulettas

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