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Manuel Hermia
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Instrument(s) Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Flute, Bansuri, Composer
Date of birth November 9, 1967
Place of birth Rocourt
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Phone +32 (0)474 10 26 85
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Web site Dedicated website
So What ? Productions
Address Avenue Van Goidtsnoven 45b
1180 Brussels (Uccle)
Phone +32 (0)2 346 13 15
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Web site Dedicated website
Cathy Lorge
Address Belgium
Agent for Steve Houben, Barbara Wiernik, Jacques Pirotton trio, Le Murmure de l'Orient
 Current bands

Hermia - Ceccaldi - Darrifourcq (Leader)      Manuel Hermia Quintet (Leader)
Jazz for Kids (Leader)      Orchestra Nazionale della Luna (Leader)
Hermia - Mohy - Gerstmans (Leader)      Manuel Hermia Trio (Leader)
Le Murmure de l'Orient (Leader)      Slang (Leader)
No Vibrato 4tet / 5tet (Sideman)      Machine Mass sextet (Sideman)
Froidebise Orchestra (Sideman)      Fred Wilbaux Trio (Sideman)
Barbara Wiernik - Nicola Andrioli "Complicity" (Sideman)      Bahdja - Kheireddine Mkachiche & Manuel Hermia (Sideman)

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Being an improviser, a composer and an explorer of world music, Manuel Hermia has developed personal projects simultaneously in several directions: jazz with his Trio ("Long tales and short Stories", Igloo 2010, Octave of the best jazz band in 2011) and his Quartet ("The Spirit of the Valley", Igloo 1999, "Rajazz", Igloo 2006), with the group Slang ("Los Locos", "Save the Chilis", "It's on the way") and, on the Indian flute this time with The Whisper of the Orient (Igloo 2005, and Cristal / Harmonia Mundi, 2012).

He has also played with many artists from different cultures: Mamady Keita (Guinea), Dhruba Ghosh (India), Regis Gizavo (Madagascar), Majid Bekkas (Moraco), Ben Ngabo (Rwanda), Nono Garcia (Spain), Joao Braga (Brazil), Dobet Gnahoré (Ivory Coast), Abid Bahri (Morocco), Manou Gallo (Ivory Coast)...

He also played for the contemporary circus company Feria Musica during 10 years.
He appears as a guest in other horizons with Fred Wesley, Peter Van Dormael, Didier Laloy, Karim Baggili, Salvatore Adamo, Sttellla, William Sheller, Radja Nin, Dick Annegarn, Clarika, The Guilty Brothers Experience, Oxymore...

Previous Projects

  • Tribute to Charlie Parker
    with Ron van Rossum, Gino Latucca, Sal La Rocca et Mimi Verderame
    Tour 1997-98, Gaume fest, Jazz à Liège, Gouvy, Audi jazz, Jazz Gent

  • Eklectic quintet and Acid Colors
    with Pierre Van Dormael (guit), Michel Seba (percus ), Xavier Tribolet (drums) and François Garny (bass)

  • Pierre Van Dormael – CD “Vivaces”, Igloo, 2001

  • Fred Wilbaux trio, CD « Chronaxie » Igloo

  • Ben Ngabo, CD « Umugezi »


  • - Adamo at the Olympia 2OO1, Olympia 2003

  • Fred Wesley tour 1997 Belgium, Holland and Germany

  • Denise Blue quintet, from 1991 to 1995 New experimental Groove

  • William Sheller tour 94-95

  • improsessions

  • occasional apparitions - live or studio - with Sttellla, Khadja Nin,Victor Laszlo,Lara Fabian, Jean-Louis Deaulnes, Clarika, Nono Garcia, Citizen jane, Tony Kabeya, and many others...

  • many movie and documentary musics, as composer and player


    - First Price in saxophone, jazz section, Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles.

    - First Price in Jazz Harmony, Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles


    - Between 2003 and 2005, Manuel Hermia has been Président of the belgian association of jazz musicians “les Lundis d’Hortense.”

    - Since 2004, one of the founders and representant of Alarme, (free association of french speaking belgian artists in actual and emerging musics)

    Read an interview of Manu HERMIA in the Journal of the Lundis d'Hortense (in French).

  • In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
    Hermia / Tassin quartet      Manuel Hermia Quartet
    Pierre Van Dormael & Vivaces      Les 100 Ciels de Barbara Wiernik

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