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Lionel Beuvens
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This is not an exhaustive discography but a list of the albums that have a dedicated page on this website. Additional information may be found at the bottom of the artist's introductory page.

As a leader or co-leader
Lionel Beuvens MOTU
Igloo January 13, 2017
Lionel Beuvens
Igloo January 23, 2013
Alien bitesize / Sylvain Luc, Wouter Berlaen, Lionel Beuvens
Alien Bitesize
Mognomusic October 13, 2006
As a participant
Piet Verbist
Secret exit to another dimension
Origin records January 21, 2022
Pierre Vaiana
Amuri & spiranza February 2021
Giovanni Di Carlo
A child's eyes
Emme record label January 14, 2021
Sabin Todorov
Igloo April 17, 2020
Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio
The endless way
Hypnote Records November 15, 2019
Anne Wolf quatuor
Danse avec les Anges
Igloo August 16, 2019
Boris Schmidt band
Now December 2018
3men in a boat
3men in a boat
W.E.R.F. March 2, 2018
Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio
Hypnote Records September 29, 2017
Genetic Modified Art...GMA
Monks and Thieves September 2017
Kari Antila / Peter Hertmans
Guitar stories
Seventh String Music October 2016
Zefiro Torna & Frank Vaganée Trio
Scattered Rhymes December 11, 2015
RV Caparros Band
Now In The City
  September 24, 2015
Eve Beuvens
Igloo September 4, 2015
  September 2015
Peter Hertmans Quartet
W.E.R.F. February 2015
Raf D Backer
Rising Joy
Prova Records March 2014
Autoproduction January 2014
John Snauwaert
Work on peace
Autoproduction January 2013
Fabrice Alleman
Igloo January 2013
Laurent Doumont
Papa Soul talkin'
Soul Embassy November 2012
Cezariusz Gadzina Quartet
Light in sight
W.E.R.F. February 2012
Nicolas Kummert Voices
Prova Records July 2010
Koen De Cauter, Fapy Lafertin & group
Django !! A tribute
W.E.R.F. June 2010
Sabin Todorov
Inside story 2
Igloo May 2010
Eve Beuvens
Igloo April 1, 2009
Steven Delannoye Trio
Midnight Suite
W.E.R.F. March 7, 2009
Giacomo Lariccia
Label Travers November 2008
Watts Up
W.E.R.F. September 2008
Sabin Todorov Trio
Inside story
Igloo April 2, 2008
Peter Hertmans 4tet
Mognomusic March 6, 2008
Tuur Florizoone
Aanrijding in Moscou
Aventura Musica January 30, 2008
Julie Mossay / Grégory Houben
Après un rêve
Igloo January 25, 2008
Radea May 24, 2007
As a guest
No Vibrato & guests
You are in my song
Alone Blue May 2005
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