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Klaus Flenter
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Instrument(s) Guitar
Date of birth 1941
Place of birth The Hague, The Netherlands
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Phone +31 (0)70 393 91 99
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Klaus Flenter Trio (Leader)     

Klaus FLENTER started at the age of 13 to play the guitar. However the Dutch conservatories only taught classical music and even at this early age his preference lent towards jazz music and the electric guitar. He was therefore compelled to teach himself and develop his own technique.

He started his career playing for the American forces in France with musicians as : Rob Langereis, Rob Franken and Vince Falcone (Who became later musical director of Frank Sinatra).

Back in Holland Klaus Flenter has played in several modern jazz groups like:

    Leo van Oostrom Quintet, Gijs Hendriks Quartet, Volume Two, Rob Madna Bigband.
In 1978 he was appointed by the Rotterdam conservatory as the first principal-teacher in non-classical guitar. This made him the first to hold that position at a Dutch conservatory.

Klaus FLENTER played with various top soloists like : Joe Pass, Miroslav Vitous, Herb Geller, Bob Mintzer, Art van Damme, Don Friedman.

He has led various groups of his own like:

  • Klaus Flenter-Rob van Kreeveld Quartet (including Henk Haverhoek and John Engels)
  • Don Friedman-Klaus Flenter Quartet (including Henk Haverhoek and Eric Ineke)
  • Klaus Flenter and the New Generation (including Serge Plume and Frank Vaganée),
  • Klaus Flenter and"So Much Guitar" (Five guitars + rhythm section).


    Berklee School of Music (USA), Conservatory Dresden (Germany), Conservatory Graz (Austria), Conservatory Zwolle (NL) and Meistercurse Vaduz (Liechtenstein).

    The Klaus FLENTER Trio :

    Klaus FLENTER, Guitar
    Harry EMMERY, bass
    Ben SCHRÖDER, drums

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