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John Ruocco
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This is not an exhaustive discography but a list of the albums that have a dedicated page on this website. Additional information may be found at the bottom of the artist's introductory page.

As a leader or co-leader
Ruocco / Simtaine / Rassinfosse Trio
A Ghost of a Chance
AZ Productions May 4, 2007
10 Ans de Jazz à Liège : 1991-2000 Liège Maison du Jazz May 2001
John Ruocco
Soon spring
LDH 1983
As a participant
Myriam Alter
Enja October 8, 2015
Vansina Orchestra
Morning Forest aka Nose up Bottom down
Rat records (Rare and Treacherous) June 2014
Myriam Alter
Where is there
Enja November 2007
Free Desmyter Quartet
Something to share
W.E.R.F. September 1, 2007
Igloo Couleurs Jazz Vol.3 Igloo December 2002
Myriam Alter
Enja November 2002
Philippe Aerts Quartet
Back To The Old World
Igloo April 2002
Chris Joris
Songs For Mbizo
Jazz'Halo - Tonesetters - VKH 2002
10 Ans de Jazz à Liège : 1991-2000 Liège Maison du Jazz May 2001
Philippe Aerts Trio
Cat Walk
Igloo January 1995
Richard Rousselet
No, Maybe...!
B. Sharp 1995
Peter Hertmans
Timeless 1993
Gilbert Isbin
Spring Cleaning
Jazz'Halo - Tonesetters - VKH 1992
Toots Thielemans
Your Precious Love
Polydor 1985
Charles Loos
Quelque part
LDH 1983
Paolo Radoni
Hotel love
LDH 1983
Act Big Band
Act Big Band
LDH 1981
As a guest
Filippo Bianchini 4-Tet
Disorder at the border
September September 16, 2015
Fabien Degryse Trio
The Heart of the Acoustic Guitar Chapter 2
Midnight Muse Records October 23, 2009
Frank Vaganée Trio feat. John Ruocco
Two Trios
W.E.R.F. 1999
Ernst Vranckx / Stefan Bracaval
Lyrae Records January 1997
Act Big Band & Guests
Igloo 1987
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