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Olivier Collette
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Instrument(s) Piano, Composer
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Web site Dedicated website
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 Current bands

Olivier Collette "Phi" (Leader)      Olivier Collette trio (Leader)
Olivier Collette quartet (Leader)      Olivier Collette Trio & Steve Houben (Leader)
Olivier Collette trio (Leader)      Ursa Minor (Sideman)

    Born August 31st 1973.
    Olivier COLLETTE studies solfegio and classical percussion and manifests interest in piano which he studied, taking private lessons.

    He ends up by discovering jazz and becomes passionate about it. As consequence, he entered the "Jazz Studio", in Antwerp, and studied piano with Diederik WISSELS.

    He follows with classical piano, with Marie BOULENGER and later on, enters the Brussels conservatory, jazz section. There, he studied with Eric LEGNINI and obtained, at age 23, a 1st price.

    Between december 98 and february 99, he lived in New-York, where he took lessons with Kenny WERNER and Fred HERSCH while jamming with local musicians and meeting famous musicians like Kenny BARRON or Mac Coy TYNER.

    Olivier created his first own quartet in 1998 with Kurt Van Herck (saxophones), Mimi Verderame (drums) and Nicolas L’Herbette (bass). They were playing mainly Olivier’s compositions but sometimes Jazz standards as well.

    For four years, they played in many Jazz clubs and festivals in Belgium. They did twice the Jazz Tour organized by the Lundis d’Hortense association (belgian professional Jazz musicians) and were selected by the Belgian government for the “Tournees Art & Vie”.

    They recorded one double CD in 2001 called “Joy And Mystery” with a lot of guests musicians.

    Then, Olivier formed his second group with Bart Defoort (saxophones), Bart De Nolf (bass) and Jan de Haas(drums). They toured for three years mainly in Belgium in clubs and festivals.

    They recorded a CD in 2003 called “De l’Aube au Crepuscule” with several guests and a string quartet arranged by Diederik Wissels. They played in France for the Sete Jazz Festival in 2003 by doing the first part of Kenny Garret’s show and in the United Arab Emirates for the Dubai international Jazz festival in 2005.

    Olivier worked as a sideman too. Among others, he worked with a Flamenco/Jazz band called Macande. With them, he played at the Couleur Café festival in 1999, the Jazz Marathon on the Brussels Grand Place in 2000 and, at the Gaume Jazz festival in 2001 and at the Paradiso in Rotterdam, Holland.

    Olivier worked occasionaly with other great musicians such as : Philip Catherine, Steve Houben, Bruno Castellucci, Olivier Ker Ourio, Salvatore La Rocca,...

    In 2004, through the Hoeilaart international Jazz contest, Olivier won the SABAM P.A.B prize of 2000 euros for the best Jazz composition of the year : “Dancing Birds”. In october 2004, Olivier moved to Dubai to work in hotels and Jazz clubs.

    In march 2008, he moved back to Belgium.
    He formed a quartet with Phil Abraham, Fabien Degryse and Jan de Haas. This band was selected by the Lundis d’Hortense association (belgian professional Jazz musicians) for another Jazz Tour.

    In February 2013, he launched his own Jazz club called "HEPTONE" in Ittre (Belgium) with concerts every sunday from 5pm till 7 pm.

    In 2014, Olivier recorded his third album called "7 Views Of A Secret"with Raphaëlle Brochet (vocals), Philippe Aerts (double bass) and Renato Martins (percussions).

    New album in 2017 : "Conceptions" with Steve Houben, Sam Gerstmans and Matthias De Waele

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Olivier Collette Quartet (former 1)      Olivier Collette Quartet (former 2)

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