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Ilse Duyck
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Instrument(s) Vocals, Cello, Composer
Date of birth October 9, 1966
Place of birth Ostend
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Phone +32 (0)475 218 218
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Ilse Duyck Group (Leader)     

Ilse DUYCK starts with Solfege, guitar and cello at the Music Academy in Ostend at the age of 7.
In '92 she receives the final degree in Cello and Chamber Music at the Music Academy in Ghent. Ilse then studies Music Therapy at the Lemmens Institute for Music in Leuven, and for several years at the JazzStudio in Antwerp, where she meets David Linx (vocals) and Diederik Wissels (piano). They have a great influence on her first steps in writing lyrics and composing music.

Ilse goes on studying Jazz singing at the Conservatory of Music in Antwerp and at the Conservatory in Ghent, where she studies with Ronald Douglas (Nl) and classical singing with Mireille Capelle (B) and Lydia Risack (B).

She graduates in 1999 as Master of Jazz and Commercial Music (vocal) and receives the Diploma of Music Education, both at he Royal Conservatory of Music in Ghent.

Ilse attends many workshops including : Tet Koffman (NL), Judy Niemack (U.S.A.), Maria Van Der Poel (NL), Mark Murphy (U.S.A.), Marcia Maria (Brazilië) and Anca Parghel (Romenia).

For several years Ilse writes and composes music and studies harmony in order to find a personal style of music, where she tries to combine influences from Latin, Pop, Jazz and contemporary music.

Ilse teaches vocal jazz at the Acamdemy of Ledeberg, St- Agatha Berchem, and Merelbeke.
Ilse works as a vocal coach, arranger and composer for the Backstage Theatre (Ghent) where she participated in the musicals 'All that jazz' and 'Fame'.

For the ILSE DUYCK GROUP, her latest project featuring Paul Flush (piano), Luc Vanden Bosch (drums), Christophe Devisscher (double bass) and Filip Verneert (ac. guitar), she composed and arranged all of the music.
This work has produced, among other things, the first CD 'Behind' (AlleyCats,2002.)


Ilse started back in '94 with her first Quartet featuring Johan Sabbe (piano), Mario Vermandel (double bass) and Renaud Person (drums).

Together with Karlijne Hens (vocal) she sang for two years in the PETER HENS KWATCHTET with the BRT- combo: Tony Gyselinck (drums), Bart Denolf (double bass) and Tony Bauwens (piano). Concerts in Belgium, France, Switzerland, …

Ilse was both singer (alto) in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical CATS, with which she played more than 120 live performances in the Antwerp Music Hall.

She was backing vocalist on the '96 European Tour of the Night of the Proms, where she had the opportunity to sing along with Joe Cocker, Dani Klein (Vaya Con Dios) and Tony Hadly (Spandau Ballet). Concerts in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Munich, Madrid, Zurich,…

On different occasions Ilse was invited to sing with Big Bands. a.o. Big Band 86 (led by Marc Godfroid), Sugar Free (o.l.v. Ivan Valck) and the Olstein Big Band (o.l.v. André Jean).

Musicals and work in the theatre became an interest of Ilse, she performs regularly with a music theatre group, the Kankanterie. Performances for schools and concerts in collaboration with Prima La Musica (Bach, Mozart and Stravinsky for children).

On the Cello she recorded with rock-punk group Golden Green (CD Golden Green 1994 -96 EMI).
She was musical director for the CD The White House Band, for which she arranged and composed music. Participants were Belgian pop and folk singers a.o.: Coco jr., Jan Dewilde, Bart Vandenbossche,…

Last year Ilse did a musical program for young children called Andiamo, which resulted in the CD 'Nerovetsretcha'.
She also recorded a demo CD in duo with pianist Diederik Wissels.

Ilse had the opportunity to play with the High Voltage Sextet ( with Nico Schepers (tp), Dieter Limbourg (ts), Lode Mertens (tb), Lieven Venken (drums), Bart Van Caneghem (piano) and Peter Verhaeghe (double bass).

videoclip of "My Groovy Sisters":

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