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Hélène Duret
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Instrument(s) Bb clarinet, Bass clarinet
Date of birth September 11, 1988
 Current bands

Hélène Duret Synestet (Leader)      Ellipse (Sideman)

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Hélène Duret is a clarinet and bass clarinet player, improviser and composer.

After studying cinema/theater at Montpellier III, she studied classical music and jazz at the CRR in Montpellier then in Brussels at the KCB.

At the same time, she is developing collective projects based on world music such as Syrto (Balkans) and Le Bal de Marie-Galante (West Indies).

Inspired by the idea that sound and music can be perceived as sound textures and that musical traditions can be diverted, she creates, plays and composes for her own jazz and improvisational music projects; the «FUR» trio and the « Synestet » quintet.

She imagines, conceives and organizes the «Pool Sessions» with her 2 musical companions, the drummer Théo lanau and the piano player Camille- Alban Spreng,; monthly indie music evenings held in Brussels, where she is currently based.
She also collaborates with artists such as Amrat Hussein, Fanny Vicens, Barbara Wiernick, Alain Pierre, Xavier Girotto, Adrien Lambinet, Quentin Biardeau, Bruno Ducret, Pierre Tereygeol, Maëlle Desbrosses, Jordi Cassagne, Guilhem Verger, Grzegorz Marciniak…

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