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Hans Van Oosterhout
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This is not an exhaustive discography but a list of the albums that have a dedicated page on this website. Additional information may be found at the bottom of the artist's introductory page.

As a participant
1998 - 2018
MET- X Moving Music / Mâäk (Compilation) January 2018
Ivan Paduart
Mons Records October 15, 2015
Philip Catherine
The string project live in Brussels
ACT September 25, 2015
Jack Van Poll
The composer
September November 28, 2014
Ella to Bacharach
September November 2014
Diederik Wissels
The Hillock Songstress
Igloo May 2014
Fiorini / Houben Quartet
Bees and Bumblebees
Igloo February 2014
Ivan Paduart
MONS Records April 2013
Toots Thielemans European Quartet
90 yrs
Challenge Records May 2012
Sal La Rocca
It could be the end
Igloo February 2012
Bop and Soul Sextt
Hydrogen Bond
Orfena Music December 2011
Karin Ottelohe
Nothing really ends...
September November 2011
Ivan Paduart
September October 17, 2011
Toots Thielemans
European Quartet Live
Challenge September 3, 2010
Nathalie Loriers Trio
Silent Spring
W.E.R.F. February 2006
Igloo Couleurs Jazz Vol.3 Igloo December 2002
Nathalie Loriers Trio + Extensions
W.E.R.F. May 2002
Ivan Paduart
Trio Live
Omnivore October 2001
10 Ans de Jazz à Liège : 1991-2000 Liège Maison du Jazz May 2001
Philip Catherine
Blue Prince
Dreyfus October 30, 2000
Ivan Paduart
True Stories
Igloo February 2000
Jan de Haas
For The One And Only
Igloo September 1999
Nathalie Loriers Trio
Silent Spring
Pygmalion Records 1999
Ernst Vranckx
A Child's Blessing
W.E.R.F. November 1998
Mâäk's Spirit
J.A.S. November 1998
Michel Herr / Jack Van Poll
A Tribute To Belgian Jazz
September October 1998
Ivan Paduart
Belgian Suites
A Records (Challenge) August 1998
Ivan Paduart
Clair Obscur
A Records (Challenge) December 1997
Marco Locurcio / Peter Hertmans
Jazz'Halo - Tonesetters - VKH November 1997
Diederik Wissels
From this day forward
Igloo February 1997
Philip Catherine
Dreyfus 1997
David Linx / Diederik Wissels
Up Close
Label Bleu, France 1996
Ivan Paduart
White Nights
A Records (Challenge) 1996
Nathalie Loriers
Walking through walls, walking along walls
Igloo 1995
Diederik Wissels
The Hillock Songstress
Igloo May 1994
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