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Gwenaël Micault
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Instrument(s) Bandoneon, Piano, Keyboards, Composer, Arranger
Date of birth March 1, 1956
Place of birth Tanger, Morocco
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Gwenaël MICAULT of Breton origin but born in Morocco...

His first instrument is the accordeon. Thereafter he studied clarinet at Conservatoire de Tours as well as the piano; and self-taught guitar player, keyboard and bandoneon.

In 1976, he was awarded first prize for solfeggio, at Conservatoire de Tours (France), where he studied harmony, counterpoint and chorale.

As free student, he attended courses of the Faculté de Musicologie de Tours, section of medieval and Renaissance music.

His discovery of jazz occurred while participating, 1982, at a jazz workshop in Salt Lake City (USA).

Between 1984 -89 he started a professional career, as musician, playing the keyboard
On the pop scene, he practiced as arranger/producer, musician of studio or scene and worked with Viktor LAZLO, Amanda LEAR, CARMEL, STELLLA, Etienne DAHO and Jimmy SOMMERVILLE, ARNO, Vaya Con Dios, Pascal CHARPENTIER, Perry ROSE, JAFRO, Julos BEAUCARNE, Philippe LAFONTAINE, etc..

In the period of 1990-92, a number of albums for which he wrote the arrangements, received an Edison Award.
During this period he worked closely with singer Laura Fygi, making all the arrangements for her album, for which he received a second Edison Award

In a more jazzy direction, he worked a.o. with Toots THIELEMANS, Philip CATHERINE, Diederik WISSELS a.o. for his album From this day forward (Igloo 128) and his project SILENT SONG SEXTET (The Music of Federico Mompou) etc...
But particularly significant is his collaboration with violonist Jean-Pierre CATOUL, in duo or for their CD "Worlds", where, with their own compositions, they create original fusion music integrating elements of world music.

Currently, he is a member of a celtic traditional group " ORION" where he finds back his roots.

Associated bands:
Silent Song Sextet     

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