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Fabrice Alleman
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This is not an exhaustive discography but a list of the albums that have a dedicated page on this website. Additional information may be found at the bottom of the artist's introductory page.

As a leader or co-leader
Fabrice Alleman & Chamber Orchestra
Cypres October 13, 2017
Fabrice Alleman
Igloo January 2013
Braining Storm
Fuga Libera September 18, 2010
Jean Warland / Fabrice Alleman
The Duet
Igloo September 19, 2009
Artists from Wallonia and Brussels
That's all jazz !
Wallonie Bruxelles Musiques February 2006
Fabrice Alleman Quartet
Sides Of Life
Lyrae Records February 2004
Couleurs Jazz, Wallonie-Bruxelles Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques October 2001
10 Ans de Jazz à Liège : 1991-2000 Liège Maison du Jazz May 2001
Fabrice Alleman / Paolo Loveri Duo And String Quartet
On The Funny Side Of The Strings
Lyrae Records May 2001
Fabrice Alleman Quartet
Loop The Loop
Igloo January 1998
Fabrice Alleman / Paolo Loveri
Lyrae Records 1996
As a participant
Reggie Washington
Vintage new acoustic
Jammin'colors November 7, 2018
Stéphane Mercier
Quetzal Records October 2013
Mister Dumont
Kitchen Diaries
Adasong October 19, 2011
Charles Loos
Three times twenty
Mognomusic September 2011
Charlier / Sourisse
Gemini Records October 2010
Jacques Pirotton
Igloo February 11, 2009
Stéphane Collin
L'enfer en trois mouvements
Igloo September 2008
Thielemans, Linx, BJO, Catherine, Loriers, HLM, Herr, Neve, Mercier
AMG Benelux July 25, 2008
Phil Abraham Jazz Me Do
Jazz me Do 2
Alone Blue May 2007
Marc Moulin
I am You
Blue Note January 8, 2007
Cap Cuivre au Sud
Shark eye
AZ Productions July 2006
Chris Joris
Live - Into The Light
AZ Productions January 2005
Marc Moulin
Blue Note September 2004
Phil Abraham
Jazz Me Do
Lyrae Records November 2003
Chris Joris & Daniel Schell
Oratorio Ishango
Lyrae Records August 2003
Trinity Song
BRM 2002
Jean-Pierre Gebler Belgian All Stars
Gam Music December 2001
10 Ans de Jazz à Liège : 1991-2000 Liège Maison du Jazz May 2001
Jazz Addiction Band
Nice Cap
Lyrae Records June 2000
Guy Cabay
The Bièsse Tof
Amon Laca November 1999
The Brussels Jazz Orchestra
BRTN Radio 3 September 1997
No Vibrato
Cinq De Coeur
Label Travers August 1997
Guy Cabay
Guy Cabay & Li Grand Cayon
Amon Laca 1997
West Music Club
  February 1995
As a guest
Jérémy Dumont Trio
  September 30, 2015
Reggie Washington
Jammin'colors April 2012
Lilith Claudine Simon
AZ Productions October 2011
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