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Dries Laheye
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Instrument(s) Bass guitar
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Notebook : Dries Laheye / Nicolas Thys (Leader)      Rackham (Sideman)
STUFF. (Sideman)      Lidlboj (Sideman)
Hoera. (Sideman)      Guru.Farm (Sideman)
DERvISH (Sideman)      Bram Weijters Crazy Men (Sideman)
BRZZVLL (Sideman)     

Dries Laheye studied a.o. with Nicolas Thys, with whom he now plays in duo.
He played a.o. with saxophonist Erwin Vann, the band Warped Dreamer etc....
He also plays with Lidlboj, the band of pianist Jozef Dumoulin, with Bo Van der Werf (bari sax), Lynn Cassiers (voc.) and Eric Thielemans (drs)
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