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Dirk Van Der Linden
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Instrument(s) Organ, Piano, Guitar, Bass
Date of birth December 28, 1969
Place of birth Antwerp
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
Jean Alleyn
Address PB 72
2610 Antwerp
Agent of Dirk Van der Linden
Fax +32 (0)3 828 24 39
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 Current bands

Dirk Van Der Linden Hammond Trio (Leader)      Laurens' B Organ Jazz Trio (Sideman)
The Swing Dealers (Sideman)      The Rudy Balliu Society Serenaders (Sideman)

Dirk was already playing guitar when he was 6. When he was 12, Dirk started to play in the jazz club Gard Sivik, together with Swa Mercelis, Dirk Dergent and many othermusicians.
It was around about then that he played his first notes on the piano. Nowadays, Dirk Van der Linden not only plays the guitar but also Hammond organ, piano and bass.

In 1989 Dirk decided to become a professional musician. He played in a number of theatrical productions by Blauwe Maandag, KVS and KJT.

Dirk Van der Linden currently plays with various jazz bands.

  • He is the regular piano player with the Dutch - Belgian band Swingcats, who perform all over Europe.
  • He's also one of the eight members of Andy Cooper's Euro Top 8 Band
  • and he plays piano by the Vanilla Brothers.
  • Together with Pascal Michaux, he plays in the trio The Hammond Swing Machine: two Hammond organs and drums.
  • His Hammond organ is also the key instrument in his own trio with the project "Hammond Pressure".
  • He plays the guitar in the Henk De laat Quartet
  • the Dutch band Gumbo Gabbers
  • the Dirk Van der Linden Trio with Arno Krijger on Hammond organ
  • in the Euro Trio with the German piano player Dirk Raufeisen
  • and acoustic rhythm guitar by the German Echoes of Swing Orchestra.

Although Dirk is completely self- taught, he is not adverse to teaching others. He has given a number of lessons at Antwerp's Jazzstudio.

He worked several times for radio and television, in Belgium and abroad.
He played concerts (and still does) in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, on Ibiza, Germany, Italy, Switserland, Finland, UK, and New Zealand. In august 2002 he will perform in Norway, Canada and at the jazzfestival of Costa Mesa (USA).

He shared the stage with Clark Terry, Dan Barrett, Tom Baker, Leroy Jones, Teddy Edwards, Mike Carr, Charlie Gabriel, Lilian Boutté, Mark Braud, Patrick Artero, Jesse Van Ruller, Dany Doriz, Deborah Brown, David Paquette, Gianni Basso, Anca Parghel, Nic Fissette, Colin Dawson, John Barnes, Frits Landsbergen, Bruce Adams, Charlie Antolini, Mighty Flea Conners, Bob Barnard, Rebecca Kilgore, Andy Cooper, Félix Simtaine, Big Al Carson, Frank Vaganée, Phil Abraham, Carlo d' Wijs,Roger Van Haverbeke, Joep Peeters, Ben Jones, Joe Wulf , Johan Clement and many others.

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Dirk collaborated on a number of CD's, including: ˇ
Catherine Delasalle: 'Est-ce ainsi que les homes vivent' (rec. 1993) - on piano
The Holsbein Brothers : 'Up and Down' (rec. 1997) - on Hammond organ
Swingcats: 'Two Moods' (rec. 1997) - on piano and Hammond organ
Swingcats: ' East of the Sun' (rec. 1998) - on piano
Dirk Van der Linden Trio: 'Whatever' (rec. 1998) - on guitar
Euro Trio: 'Fine Hours' (rec. 1999) - on guitar
Swingcats: 'Night and Day' (rec. 2000) - on piano, guitar and Hammond organ
Andy Cooper's Euro Top 8 Band: 'From the Top' (rec. 2000) - on piano and guitar
Swingcats: 'Face to face' (rec. 2001) - on piano
Happy Feet Brass Band: 'I Want to be Happy' (rec. 2001) - on Hammond organ
Joep Peeters en de Gumbo Gabbers: 'Costa Mesa Boogaloo' (rec. 2001) - on guitar and Hammond organ
Jeggpap Jazzband: '40 years later' (rec. 2002) - on piano

Dirk plays on ˇ Kristof guitars,, and plectrums made by Luc Strubbe ˇ Polytone amp Taurus IV (Dirk is the Belgium promotor for Polytone) ˇ Hammond organ model A 100 with two 760 lesliespeakers

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Dirk Van Der Linden Hammond Trio (old version)     

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