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Christian Leroy
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Instrument(s) Piano, Composer
Date of birth 1952
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Phone +32 (0) 477 37 79 75
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Métarythmes de l'Air (Leader)     

Since his early age, Christian LEROY gets interested in music, mainly contemporary and impressionistic.
In 1970 he studies percussion and participates in many happenings with poets and painters. He also writes his first film soundtracks.

In 1979, he founds the ensemble Musique Vivante

In 1980, he creates the now famous trio MÉTARYTHMES DE l'AIR, with Philippe SAUCEZ on clarinet and José BEDEUR on bass and cello.

He performs with many Belgian and international soloists, such as Sam BENNETT, Louis SCLAVIS, Ernst RIJSEGER, Marylin CRISPELL, Steve LACY, etc...

He creates the Quatuor Noir, an ensemble playing music on mythological themes.

He takes part in the Belgisch Pianokwartet, with Walter HUS, Fred VAN HOVE and Eddy LOOZEN.

He is a member of the Trio Nord-Sud (poetry & music) with French poet Marc PORCU and José BEDEUR (bass, cello).

He developed regular collaborations with RTBF 3 Radio, the "Théâtre de la Guimbarde", cartoon films director Manuel GOMEZ, "Alexis Films Productions" of Martine LAMBRECHTS and the "Théâtre du Sygne".
He worked for theater : with Etienne GUICHARD, Michel VAN LOO, Elvire BRISON, Michel TANNER, Stéphane VERRUE, Patrick DESCAMPS, etc...
Poetic performances with Marc PORCU, Jean DIGOT, Paul ANRIEU, Jacques SOJCHER, Werner LAMBERSY, etc...

He made records for IGLOO, Franc'Amour, EMI, CARBON 7.

He works closely with painters, ART MULTI the art gallery Pascal RETHELET.

Originally a trio, MÉTARYTHMES DE l'AIR is now composed of five musicians, with the addition of Jannot GILLIS (violin) and Pierre NARCISSE (percussion).

Christian LEROY represented Belgium abroad, playing in various festivals in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, and in North and South America. He appeared at the festivals of Mulhouse, Le Mans, Victoriaville, Cologne, the Botanique in Brussels, Forest National, Jazz Middelheim, etc...

He received the "Prix du Hainaut" in 1982, received a special mention at the Caracas Film festival for his film musics and the press prize in Spa, Belgium.

His soundtracks for animated movies have received several international awards and success.

Christian LEROY wrote and recorded his own music for the silent movies "Nanouk l'Esquimau/Dracula".

Christian LEROY's music is a combination of very personal compositions inspired from various influences with adventurous and creative free improvisations.

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