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Christian Claessens
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Instrument(s) Piano
Date of birth 1974
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 Current bands

Zoshia (Sideman)     

Christian Claessens studied classical piano at the musical academy of Berchem St Agatha with Philip Nicolai. After university, he studied jazz piano at the Brussels Conservatory with Diederik Wissels, Nathalie Loriers and Peter Van Marle...

He played with the Gra÷ group (performed at the Jazz-Marathon Brussel 2001ů), and with the Cuban Sudaka group (performed at the Jazz-Marathon 2003...).

In 2004, he formed his own trio with Nicholas Yates and Jonathan Callens (The Music Village 2004...).

He also plays duos with Thomas Chamagne (saxo alto) (Nacht der Musea, Brussels, TV-Brussel...) and he is currently also the piano player of the following groups: Zoshia, Lufango (they play mostly in Holland) and Wide Quintet, a group based in Milano which produced a CD in 2004.

He plays with the band Zoshia and singer Sophie Tassignon (CD "Moon Talk, 2006).

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