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Bruno Castellucci
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This is not an exhaustive discography but a list of the albums that have a dedicated page on this website. Additional information may be found at the bottom of the artist's introductory page.

As a leader or co-leader
The Belgian Jazz Factory / second session Quetzal Records May 2006
The Belgian Jazz Factory / first session Quetzal Records January 1, 2006
Bruno Castellucci
Lost and found
Quetzal Records March 1998
Castellucci Stringtet
Towards The Light
Quetzal Records 1996
Legnini / Rassinfosse / Castellucci
Quetzal Records 1994
Bruno Castellucci
Bim Bim
Quetzal Records 1990
As a participant
Angelo Gregorio
What a wonderful...Toots
Remembering the Gentle Baron
Amayny December 2019
Michel Mainil New Quartet
If you missed the beginning... (Live at the Music Village)
Label Travers December 2015
Koen De Bruyne
Here comes the crazy man !
Sdban November 6, 2015
Ivan Paduart
Folies Douces
Igloo May 2015
Bas Bulteel trio
Coming home
W.E.R.F. September 19, 2014
Stéphane Mercier
Quetzal Records October 2013
Solis Lacus
Solis Lacus
Heavenly Sweetness (F) June 2012
Paolo Radoni Trio
A day or two
Igloo December 2011
Danièle Copus
WPWA September 2011
Paolo Radoni
Storie Vere
Igloo December 2010
Paolo Loveri Trio
3 for 1
Mognomusic February 14, 2010
Fabien Degryse Trio
The Heart of the Acoustic Guitar Chapter 2
Midnight Muse Records October 23, 2009
Radoni's Tribe
Let me hear a simple song
Red Box Records April 3, 2009
Thielemans, Linx, BJO, Catherine, Loriers, HLM, Herr, Neve, Mercier
AMG Benelux July 25, 2008
Fabien Degryse Trio
The Heart of the Acoustic Guitar
Midnight Muse Records May 1, 2007
Artists from Wallonia and Brussels
That's all jazz !
Wallonie Bruxelles Musiques February 2006
The Belgian Jazz Factory / first session Quetzal Records January 1, 2006
Guy Cabay
Café liégeois do Brasil
Quetzal Records September 15, 2005
Guy Cabay
On the Jazz side of my street
Igloo May 2005
Marc Moulin
Sam' Suffy
Blue Note March 14, 2005
Ivan Paduart
Douces Illusions
Igloo September 2004
Peter Hertmans Trio
The Other Side
Quetzal Records February 23, 2004
Charles Loos Trio
French Graces
Lyrae Records November 2003
Sal La Rocca
Igloo May 2003
Igloo Couleurs Jazz Vol.3 Igloo December 2002
Igloo Couleurs Jazz Vol.3 Igloo December 2002
Jean-Pierre Gebler Belgian All Stars
Gam Music December 2001
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse
Igloo September 2001
Renaud Patigny
Tribute To The Giants
Jeanfrançois Prins / Judy Niemack
Beauty and the Prince
Gam Music 2001
Manuel Hermia
L'Esprit Du Val
Igloo December 1999
Jean-Pierre Catoul & Peter Hertmans
Quetzal Records November 1999
Toots Thielemans
The Live Takes, Vol. 1
Quetzal Records October 1999
Lee Konitz & the Jeanfrançois Prins Trio
Live at the Manhattan Jazz Club Disneyland Paris
Gam Music 1995
Ivan Paduart
Folies Douces
Igloo 1995
Steve Houben
Steve Houben invite... / Année Sax 1994
Arpèges 1994
Ivan Paduart
Time gone by
AMC 1994
Jacques Pelzer
Salute to the band box
Igloo September 1, 1993
Ivan Paduart
Illusions sensorielles
Igloo 1993
Paolo Radoni trio
A day or two
B. Sharp 1993
Johnny Dover and his Sax Combination
Toots Thielemans
Ballade pour Damien / Ballade voor Damiaan
Carrère 1989
Paolo Radoni
Storie Vere
Igloo March 1988
Toots Thielemans
Your Precious Love
Polydor 1985
Bob Porter
Meeting you
B. Sharp 1978
Michel Herr
Perspective / Solis Lacus
B. Sharp 1975
As a guest
Ivan Paduart
Papillons bleus
Miss You 1992
B. Sharp 1990
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