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Benoît Vanderstraeten
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Instrument(s) Electric bass
Date of birth 1962
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 Current bands

There is an effel there (Sideman)      Paolo Loveri Trio (Sideman)
Paolo Loveri / Adrien Volant Quartet (Sideman)      Jacques Pirotton Quartet (Sideman)
Guy Cabay Quartet (Sideman)     

Benoît VANDERTRAETEN studied a.o. with bassists such as Jeff BERLIN, Jaco PASTORIUS, Stanley CLARKE.

Prize at "Concours de la Défense", Paris, in 1989.

A brilliant virtuoso on the electric bass, he played in Belgium with the cream of the jazz scene : Steve HOUBEN (sax/fl), Gino LATTUCA (tp), Félix SIMTAINE (drs), Bruno CASTELLUCCI (drs), Michel HERR (p), Mimi VERDERAME (drs), Guy CABAY (vibes), Ivan PADUART (p), Jacques PIROTTON (gt), André CHARLIER (drs), Jean-Pierre CATOUL (vl), Fabrice ALLEMAN (sax) and his ONE SHOT BAND etc...

On the international scene, he played a.o. with Philip CATHERINE (gt), Didier LOCKWOOD (vl), Michel PETRUCCIANI (p), Scott HENDERSON, the band IN FOLIO with a.o. Eric SEVA (sax) and André CHARLIER (drs), with Garrett LIST (tb) etc...

Author of a didactic video (Ed. Connexion).

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Sébastien Semal & Why not Samba ?      Jacques Pirotton Trio (former)
Guy Cabay & Li Grand Cayon     

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