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Bart De Nolf
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Instrument(s) Double bass, Electric bass
Date of birth January 7, 1965
Place of birth Bruges
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 Current bands

Wolf in the Wood (Sideman)      What a Wonderful Toots (Sideman)
Stéphane Mercier featuring Jeanfrançois Prins Trio (Sideman)      Nardozza / Schepers Delirium Quintet (Sideman)
Johan Clement Trio (Sideman)      Jeanfrançois Prins Trio (Sideman)
Higham / Castellucci quintet (Sideman)      Gino Lattuca Quartet (Sideman)
Frank Deruytter Quartet feat. Peter Erskine (Sideman)      Fabien Degryse Trio (Sideman)
Brussels Jazz Orchestra (Sideman)     

First prize for sight reading and acoustic bass at the Muziekconservatorium Ghent in 86 and 87.

Attends jazz workshops in Dworp (Belgium) with John CLAYTON and Hein VAN DE GEYN from 81 to 84.

Since 88, teaches at the Music Conservatories of Ghent and Brussels.

As of 1986, member of BRT Jazz Orkest, with which he accompanies a number of soloists, like Horace PARLAN, Jerome RICHARDSON, Kenny WHEELER, Mal WALDRON, Von FREEMAN...
Also played with : MILKSHAKE BANANA, the SADI Quartet, Marie-Laure BERAUD, Jacques PELZER Open Sky Unit, and outside the jazz scene with pop artists like VAYA CON DIOS, Isabelle ANTENA, Jeff BODART, ROLAND, KHADJA NIN, etc.
Concerts as a freelance musician with : Dave PIKE, Deborah BROWN, Gene "Mighty Flea" CONNORS, Mal WALDRON, Bud SHANK, Toots THIELEMANS, Erwin VANN, Judy NIEMACK, Jeanfrançois PRINS, Marito CORREA, Michel HERR, Barney WILEN, Shirley BASSEY, Eric LE LANN, Jan JARCZYK etc...

In April 97, he performs at Toots THIELEMANS' 75th birthday concert in Brussels, with Toots, Philip CATHERINE, Dutch pianist Bert VAN DEN BRINK and Brazilian stars Ivan LINS, Dori CAYMI, Oscar CASTRO-NEVES. In 2001, he plays with Toots and Kenny WERNER.

He is a member of the Bart DEFOORT quartet and of the sextet of pianist Jean-Marie Machado (F), named "Andalucia", a project which proposes jazz versions of pieces by classical composer such as De Falla or Granados. An international band which also includes Gary Valente (tb), Claus Stötter (tp,flh), Andy Sheppard (ts,ss) and Jacques Mahieux (drs).

Numerous albums with a.o.: Eric NEELS, Jacques PELZER, De NIEUWE SNAAR, Isabelle ANTENA,SADI Quartet & Nonet, Marc MATTHYS, Jay CONRAD, ROLAND, Mimi VERDERAME, Bart DEFOORT quartet, etc...

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
De Nolf / Sheppard / Pallemaerts      Jean Warland Bass Orchestra
Crystal Feel      Belgian Trumpet Combination
Anne Wolf Wooden Trio + Stefan Bracaval      4 for Chet
Victor Da Costa Trio      Sadi Quartet
Richard Rousselet - Marie Anne Standaert new quintet      Radoni's Tribe
Olivier Collette Quartet (former 1)      Mimi Verderame Quartet

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