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Antoine Prawerman
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Instrument(s) Bass clarinet, Composer
Date of birth April 9, 1965
Place of birth Paris, France
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1979-l987: At Reims, where he graduated. Followed lessons of clarinet (class of M. BIENAIME) and chamber music at the Conservatoire National de Région (10 prize of chamber music); follows courses with G. DEPLUS (professor at CNSM in paris); played in different groups of rock and jazz and namely with V. SEGAL (cello). With "Six Cylindres En V" group.

1984: Creation of a musical "Décharges" (directed by A. MOLLOT, (Théâtres de La Jaquerie et de Villejuif) and a tour in Senegal-Mauritania.

1985: Recorded a LP "Dernier Cri" ( LL AAYA 1985).

1986: Creation of a musical the "Kamichi Cornu" (directed by Z. HOROCKS-M. KASHALA) and a tour in Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion, Djibouti, Rwanda, Kenya. Composition and realisation of track movie which received the "Palme d'or" of the festival de Biarritz

1987: In Belgium, enters the Royal Conservatory of Liège (Dir. Henri POUSSEUR) in the classes of Garrett LIST (improvisation), Frédéric RZEWSKI (composition) and Jean-Pierre PEUVION (chamber music, 1st prize).
Undertakes lyrics writing (songs, poetry, etc ...). Plays with the ensemble "MUSIQUE NOUVELLE". Meets and works with a.o., Marianne POUSSEUR, H. DEJAER, Vincent JACQUEMAIN, Michel MASSOT, Fabrizio CASSOL...

1988: In Brussels, actively participated in the experience at the "Kaai" (jazz club of new improvised music).
Plays and composes in "Trois Shadoks" (Michel DEBRULLE drums, Michel MARISSIAUX, bass). Writes and produces the music for the movie "Fin De Partie" (I.D.H.E.C.).
Meets and works with a.o. Pierre VAN DORMAEL, Pierre VAIANA, Michel HATZIGEORGIOU, Jan KUIKEN, Daniel STOKART ...

1989: Plays with the quatuor "RAFALE" (S. GOLDFARB flute, H. SWINNE oboe, P. CLEEMPUT, bassoon) a repertoire of baroque music, classical and contemporary.

1991: Recorded a C.D. of "LA GRANDE FORMATION" " Any One Lived ln A Pretty 0wn Town" (C.D. Igloo-1992).

1992: Coproduction of C.D. "Nzomba" (pygmys Aka) after a stay in the central African forest (C.D. Carbon 7-1993).
Records a C.D. of the "H" SEPTET of Pirly ZURSTRASSEN, "Hautes Fagnes" (C.D. Igloo-1992).

1993: Starts to write a book (expected for 2000). Recording of a C.D. of "LA GRANDE FORMATION" "Galilée" (C.D. Carbon 7-1994).

1994: Forms the group "Au Fond Dans La Mer Une Etoile Se Reflète Sur Le Ventre D'Argent Des Poissons" (at the deep of the sea a star reflects off the silver belly of the fish) with Stéphane GALLAND drums, Kris DEFOORT piano, Bo VAN DER WERF baritone sax, Michel MARISSIAUX bass, to play his own compositions.

Recorded several C.D.s with "H" SEPTET (of Pirly ZURSTRASSEN). ...

1995: Recorded a C.D. "Au Fond Dans La Mer Une Etoile Se Reflète Sur Le Ventre D'Argent Des Poissons" January 1995.

In May 2000, presents his new album : "SNAKE EAR" with his band DEEP IN THE DEEP.

Composition and creation of the music for the show "Rose et Marguerite" (choreography Fatou TRAORE, February 1995, Ljubljana).

Participated in the project "VARIATIONS ON A LOVE SUPREME" composed by Fabrizio CASSOL and Kris DEFOORT and appears on the CD"Variations on a love supreme" (May 1995) ...

In '98, Antoine PRAWERMAN was elected best Belgian clarinet player of the year '98, both in the listeners poll (RTBF/VRT) and the Belgian critics poll (French speaking).

In 1999, played with French musician G. CORONADO, guitar, Hubert DUPONT, bass and Guillaume ORTI, sax …. Records new music with SPINAL trio with Pierre VAN DORMAEL guitar, Hubert DUPONT, bass.
Forms the group VEGETAL BEAUTY with Laurent BLONDIAU, trumpet, Renaud van HOOLAND, drums, Luc EVENS bass, to play with the dance groups MAD SPIRIT. Records a C.D. with the band AKA MOON.

Associated bands:
Deep in the Deep      Vegetal Beauty
H Septet      Variations On A Love Supreme

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