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Marc Mercini
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Instrument(s) Trombone
Date of birth 1935
As of 1953, Marc Merciny played with several bands from the Liège area, such as Raoul Faisant and Jo Carlier.

He played in numerous big bands, a.o. with Fud Candrix, the RTB Big Band and then BRT Jazzorkest for many years, under the direction of Etienne Verschueren.

He toured a.o. with Shirley Bassey, Debbie Reynold, Sadi, Aretha Franklin and Peggy Lee...

He also played with Sadi's big band, the Belgian All Stars Big Band, Gasti Meyer, Bob Porter, Michel Herr, etc... and more recently with the Pascal Mohy trio (at the Comblain-la-Tour Festival 2009), the band Sandyland etc...

Marc Mercini was a long-time member of the BRT Jazz Orchestra, the Flemish radio big band led by Etienne Verschueren. With this ensemble, he played with numerous international soloists.

He has also been active in the recording studios.

Some of the albums he recorded :

  • Gasty Meyer : "Changing Moods" (B Sharp 091, 1980 LP) with the BRT Jazz Orchestra
  • Belgian Big Band / Jean Blaton (Alpha 7008), arr. by Sadi
  • Belgian Swing Jazz 1935-1945 (LP, 1984) with the BRT Jazz Orchestra
  • White cliff (LP, 1984) with the BRT Jazz Orchestra (BRT 857202)
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