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Rick Hollander
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Instrument(s) Drums
Date of birth November 16, 1956
Place of birth Detroit, Michigan (USA)
Contact information
Phone +49 (0)89 688 66 65
Web site Dedicated website
 Current bands

Steve Houben Quartet (Sideman)     

Rick HOLLANDER began playing drums at the age of 9. He studied privately with Gene STEWART and Roy BROOKS and later attended Oakland Community College for courses in music theory, piano and composition.

Hollander moved to New York City in 1979 and Europe in 1987. He's gained a wealth of experience working and recording with jazz greats such as Woody SHAW, Cameron BROWN, Arnett COBB, Roy HARGROVE, Bob MOVER, Mark MURPHY, Rufus REID, Steve GROSSMAN, Robin EUBANKS, Tim HAGANS, Walter LANG and many more. He is also the leader of his own group which has been in existence for over eight years. El Pais, Madrid wrote: His work beneath the solos of his fellow musicians could be a complete short course on jazz for the listener.

HOLLANDER is currently a Concord Jazz Recording Artist and can be heard on the below listed LP's & CD's:
- LP CLEAR SIGHT Herbert Noord group - Timeless
- LP PRINT COLLECTION Gys Hendriks Quintet - YVP Music
- CD PRIVATE EAR Rick Hollander Quartet - YVP Music
- CD 12TH JAZZ HOEILAART Rick Hollander Quartet - B Sharp
- CD BRUSSELS JAZZ PROMENADE Steve Houben Quartet - Live Music
- CD OUT THERE Rick Hollander Quartet - Timeless
- CD ACCIDENTAL FORTUNE Rick Hollander Quartet - Concord jazz
- CD DANCE OR DIE Nathalie Loriers Quartet - Igloo
- CD BLUE CIRCUMSTANCES Steve Houben Quartet - Igloo
- CD BLUES AND VIEWS Albert Sarko Quintet - Enja
- CD ONCE UPON A TIME Rick Hollander Quartet - Concord jazz
- CD GUAJIRA FOR MY MOODS Beate Kittsteiner Group - AWS Records
- CD MARCH BLUES Larry Porter Trio - Enja
- CD BLUES ON THE WORLD Christian Willisohn Trio - Blues beacon
- CD PATIENCE Jason Seizer Quartet - Acoustic Records
- CD UNKNOWN MALLOW Charles Loos Quartet - Igloo
- CD HEARTBROKEN MAN Christian Willisohn Band - blues beacon
- CD THINKING OF YOU Johannes Herrlich Quintet - Edition Collage

Rick HOLLANDER has been frequently associated with many Belgian musicians and groups : Steve HOUBEN, Charles LOOS, Nathalie LORIERS, etc...

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Steve Houben & Michel Herr present "The Real sax section"      Nathalie Loriers New trio
Charles Loos / André Donni Quartet      An American songbook feat. S. Houben, Julie Mossay, N. Loriers, ORCW

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