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Garcia Morales
Information Discography
Instrument(s) Drums
Date of death January 1, 2005
Son of trumpet player Janot Morales, Garcia Morales was a very complete and versatile drummer.

He played in many styles of music, such as soul music (he played with the JJ Band in the sixties), rock, pop (he accompanied many singers), but was also active in jazz and fusion music.

In Belgium, he appeared in 1977 on his father's album "Miles Inspirations" (Selection/B. Sharp), with pianist Gus Decock and bassist Paul Dubois and later played with Marc Moulin's Placebo and Sam' Suffy (albums), and also with Philip Catherine, Michel Herr, etc....

Very active in Germany, he worked and recorded a.o. with pianist Eugen Cicero, US guitarist John Thomas, and several singers.

He taught drums at the Brussels conservatory, jazz department, for several years, and played with Alex Scorier's Brussels Little Big Band.

He died after a long illness (cancer) on Jan. 1, 2005.


  • Der Klassik neue Kleider SWF 95 (rec. December 9, 1983 - Wilhelm Krumbach, Organ, Harpsichord, Hammerklavier; Roman Dylag, bass; Garcia Morales, drums)
  • Don’t stop my dreams - Eugen Cicero Denon, YX-7346-AX (rec. 1984 - J.A. Rettenbacher, bass; Garcia Morales, drums; The Jerry Mann Orchestra, conducted by J.A. Rettenbacher) As CD/LP/MC in Japan Columbia, 35C38-7327
  • Jazz Bach - Eugen Cicero Trio (CD) Timeless, ti CDSJP 216 (publ. 1985 - Wilhelm Krumbach, Organ, Henk Haverhoek, bass; Garcia Morales, drums) As CD/LP/MC in Japan RVC, Baystate RJCD-1004
  • John Thomas & Lifeforce 3000 Worlds (Nabel LP/ CD 4604) with Andy Lump, p; Gunnar Plümer, b; Eddy Veldman, perc; Ponda o'Bryan, perc; Monika Linges, voc.
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