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Michel Hatzigeorgiou
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Instrument(s) Electric bass, Bouzouki
Date of birth December 11, 1961
Place of birth Charleroi
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 Current bands

Aka Moon (Leader)      The Wordsmith (Leader)
The Sisters (Leader)      Sinister Sister (Sideman)
Inner Peace Band (Sideman)     

Born 1961 in Belgium of Greek parents, Michel HATZIGEORGIOU starts playing the bouzouki at the age of 9 with his father, then switches to electric guitar at 11, and finally to electric bass at 14.
He accompanies several singers, then discovers jazz. His main influence is Jaco PASTORIUS, who opened new ways to the electric bass with the group WEATHER REPORT.

In 82, Michel attends the Jazz Seminar in Liège (Belgium), where his teachers are among the best Belgian jazz musicians : Steve HOUBEN, Dennis LUXION, Guy CABAY, Bruno CASTELLUCCI, Michel HERR. Soon he finds himself playing with his teachers. He performs and records with Steve HOUBEN + Strings, COCODRILO, Guy CABAY, etc. He also starts working in the recording studios with well-known singers such as RENAUS, Marc LELANGUE,

He also played with Philip CATHERINE, Serge LAZAREVITCH, Diederik WISSELS, Raphaëel SCHILLEBEECKX, Stéphane MARTINI, Pierre VAN DORMAEL, Jacques PELZER, etc...

He then joins Toots THIELEMANS and plays many concerts with him, in the company of Michel HERR (p, kb) and Bruno CASTELLUCCI (drs).

In Martinique, he attends a jazz clinic given by Jaco PASTORIUS.
They become friends. It's also there that he receives a Prize for a bass solo that was actually a transcription of a piece for... bouzouki !

In February 85, he tours with Jaco PASTORIUS throughout Europe. Few months later, he plays in New York with guitarist Mike STERN, then a member of the Miles DAVIS band.

Since then Michel performed a lot with Toots THIELEMANS quartet.
In 88, took part in the "Baldwin Project" with David LINX, Pierre VAN DORMAEL, Bob STEWART, Slide HAMPTON, Deborah BROWN and the Bruno CASTELLUCCI Quartet.
He recorded with keyboard player Olivier TRUAN, drummer Bruno CASTELLUCCI, trumpet player Gino LATTUCA, bluesman Marc LELANGUE, pianist Kris DEFOORT, saxophonist Erwin VANN trio or quartet etc...

He got involved in the "Kaai" in Brussels, a musician's collective, and played a.o. with NASA NA BAND, with guitarist Pierre VAN DORMAEL.

In '98, Michel HATZIGEORGIOU was elected best Belgian and European electric bassist of the year '98, both in the listeners poll (RTBF/VRT) and the Belgian critics poll (French speaking).

He currently presents MELANGTRONIC, a trio with Jozef DUMOULIN (Rhodes) and Lieven VENKEN (drs).

Since 88, he teaches at the Brussels Music Conservatory.

Michel HATZIGEORGIOU made a trip to Africa in 92 to study the life and music of the Aka Pygmies. With saxophonist Fabrizio CASSOL and drummer Stéphane GALLAND, he founded a Trio called AKA MOON, which recorded several CDs and toured in Europe and the US. This group is considered as one of the most innovative bands in Europe.


He also presented an "Hommage to Jaco PASTORIUS, Jimi HENDRIX, Janis JOPLIN..." with a big band.

Also involved in the "VARIATIONS ON A LOVE SUPREME" project and CD.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Hommage to Jaco Pastorius      Melangtronic
Nasa Na      Erwin Vann Group / Let’s Call Ed
Variations On A Love Supreme      Tomas and Co Tentet

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