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Thomas Jillings
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Instrument(s) Tenor saxophone, Alto clarinet
 Current bands

Sgt. Fuzzy (Leader)      Saxkartel v.2 (Sideman)
Ottla (Sideman)      Linus (Sideman)
Keenroh XL (Sideman)      Jillings / Cools (Sideman)

Thomas Jillings is a young reed player and improviser.
He is the leader of An Expedition into the Mind of Sgt. Fuzzy, a band that combines influences from jazz, rock, ambient, electronic and noise music and which features some of Antwerp's and Holland’s most promising musicians(Bert Dockx, Gerri Jäger, Nathan Wouters, Ruben Machtelinckx)

He has shared the stage with musicians as Greg Cohen and Dave Douglas (both at Jazz Middelheim), and he's involved in several bands and projects, including Zahir Collective in collaboration with Alan Bern, Jennik Verlinden Quartet/Sextet, and the Outpost Quartet.

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