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Michel Hatzigeorgiou
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This is not an exhaustive discography but a list of the albums that have a dedicated page on this website. Additional information may be found at the bottom of the artist's introductory page.

As a leader or co-leader
David Linx & Michel Hatzigeorgiou
The wordsmith
Sound Surveyor Music February 2019
Aka Moon
Constellations Box
Outhere Music January 26, 2018
Nasa Na
Live 91
Outhere Music May 26, 2016
Aka Moon
The Scarlatti Book
Outhere Music October 2015
Michel Hatzigeorgiou
La basse d'Orphée
  September 16, 2015
Aka Moon
Akasha - vol. 2
Carbon 7 1995
Aka Moon
Akasha - vol. 1
Carbon 7 1995
As a participant
Various artists
The art of the solo
  December 30, 2020
Aka Moon
Opus 111
Outhere Music April 2020
Aka Moon
Outhere music January 17, 2018
Aka Balkan Moon / AlefBa
Double Live
Outhere Music May 2015
Aka Moon
Cypres March 29, 2012
Fabrizio Cassol
Strange fruit
EMI - Blue Note March 17, 2012
DJ Grazzhoppa's DJ Bigband + Aka Moon
Dj Grazzhoppa's DJ Bigband + Aka Moon
Cypres June 1, 2010
Aka Moon, Baba Sissoko & Black Machine
Culture Griot
Cypres November 24, 2009
Fabrizio Cassol
Pitié !
Cypres November 24, 2008
Stéphane Collin
L'enfer en trois mouvements
Igloo September 2008
Aka Moon
Cypres October 2006
The Belgian Jazz Factory / second session Quetzal Records May 2006
K.D.'s Basement Party
Sketches of Belgium / Live at De Werf
W.E.R.F. February 2006
Artists from Wallonia and Brussels
That's all jazz !
Wallonie Bruxelles Musiques February 2006
The Belgian Jazz Factory / first session Quetzal Records January 1, 2006
Guy Cabay
Café liégeois do Brasil
Quetzal Records September 15, 2005
Erwin Vann
Let's call Ed
HornPlayer August 2005
Erwin Vann
Some Sounds
September January 2003
Aka Moon
W.E.R.F. April 2002
Aka Moon
Invisible moon
Carbon 7 December 2001
10 Ans de Jazz à Liège : 1991-2000 Liège Maison du Jazz May 2001
Aka Moon
In real time
Carbon 7 April 2001
Aka Moon
Invisible sun
Carbon 7 May 2000
David Linx / Pierre Van Dormael
James Baldwin / A Lover's Question
Label Bleu, France December 1999
Jean-Pierre Catoul & Peter Hertmans
Quetzal Records November 1999
Toots Thielemans
The Live Takes, Vol. 1
Quetzal Records October 1999
Aka Moon With Ictus
Invisible mother
Carbon 7 July 1999
Aka Moon
Live at the Kaai
Carbon 7 July 1999
Aka Moon
Carbon 7 December 1997
Aka Moon
Live at Vooruit
Carbon 7 1997
Michel Marissiaux
Aka Moon
Carbon 7 1997
Erwin Vann
Carbon 7 1996
Stéphane Martini
B. Sharp 1996
Steve Houben
+ Strings, featuring Guy Cabay / Michel Herr / Dennis Luxion
Igloo 1995
Fabrizio Cassol / Kris Defoort
Variations On A Love Supreme
W.E.R.F. 1995
Aka Moon
Carbon 7 1994
K.D.'s Basement Party
Sketches Of Belgium
W.E.R.F. April 1993
Xavier-Edouard Horemans
Uncle Jack
Promax 1993
Gino Lattuca Quartet
My Impression
B. Sharp 1992
Bruno Castellucci
Bim Bim
Quetzal Records 1990
Toots Thielemans
Ballade pour Damien / Ballade voor Damiaan
Carrère 1989
Steve Houben
Steve Houben + Strings
LDH 1983
The Carbon 7 Compilations Volume 2 : Aka Moon Carbon 7  
Flashes of light in a slow tear    
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