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Sax Awards

Named after the inventor of the saxophone, the Belgian Adolphe SAX, the Sax Awards existed until '93. For a while, they were awarded by the Belgian jazz critics and given to : best album of the year, musician of the year, discovery of the year, etc...Here are just a few awards that we managed to trace back...

87Best CD : Pirly ZURSTRASSEN's H Septet
88Best CD : Philip CATHERINE : "Transparence" (Inak 8701 CD)
Best concert : Charles LOOS
89Best CD : Michel HERR : Intuitions (Igloo Igl 073)
Best soloist : Nathalie LORIERS (piano)
New talent : Jean-Pierre CATOUL (violin)
91Best CD : Jacques PELZER : "Never Let me Go" (Igloo Igl 084)
Best soloist : Erwin VANN (sax)
Best new talent : Jeanfrançois PRINS (guitar)
92Best CD : Compilation Brussels Jazz Promenade (LM 001/92)
93New discovery CDFabien DEGRYSE "Medor Sadness".
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