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Sabam Jazz Awards

Launched in 2010 by SABAM, the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers, the Sabam Jazz Awards distinguish jazz talents from Belgium, alternating, one year personalities from the Flemish side, the following year from the French speaking side. The awards are announced alternatively during the Gent Jazz Festival and another event.
The main award goes to a confirmed musician (10.000 euros), but there is also a "Young talent" award (5.000 euros). The "Muse" of Sabam goes to a personality who has contributed significantly to the promotion of jazz music in Belgium.

SABAM Jazz Awards

2019 (FR) :
Composer Michel HERR for his album "Positive / Music for sextet and string quartet" (Igloo).

2019 (FR) :
Confirmed musician : Stéphane GALLAND (drums)
Young talent : Lorenzo DI MAIO (guitar).

2018 (NL) :
Confirmed musician : Robin VERHEYEN (saxophone)
Young talent : Niels VAN HEERTUM (euphonium).

2017 (FR) :
Confirmed musician : Manu HERMIA (saxophone/flute)
Young talent (JM Prize) : Félix ZURSTRASSEN (bass).

2016 (NL) :
Confirmed musician : Peter VERMEERSCH (clarinet, composer/arranger/bandleader)
Young talent : Bram DE LOOZE (piano)

2015 (FR) :
Confirmed musician : Laurent BLONDIAU (trumpet, composer)
Young talent (JM Prize) : Antoine PIERRE (drums)
Muse of Sabam : Jean-Pierre BISSOT (Gaume Jazz Festival).

2014 (NL) :
Confirmed musician : Bart MARIS (trumpet)
Young talent (JM Prize) : Seppe GEBRUERS (piano)
Muse of Sabam : Jos L. KNAEPEN (photographer)

2013 (FR) :
Confirmed musician : David LINX (vocals)
Young talent (JM Prize) : Guillaume VIERSET (guitar)
Muse of Sabam : Philippe BARON (RTBF jazz radio shows)

2012 (NL) :
Confirmed musician : Kris DEFOORT (piano, composer)
Young talent : Lander GYSELINCK (drums)
Muse of Sabam : Jacobien TAMSMA (Jazztronaut agency)

2011 (FR) :
Confirmed musician : Fabrice ALLEMAN (saxophone, composer)
Young talent : Igor GEHENOT (piano)

2010 (NL) :
Confirmed musician : Fred VAN HOVE (piano)
Young talent : Janos BRUNEEL (double bass)
Muse of Sabam (posthumous) : Luc DE BAETS (late chief editor of the Jazzmozaïk magazine)

Composition Prize for Belgian jazz themes

Besides these Sabam Jazz Awards, "Sabam for Culture" gives each year a composition Prize for Belgian jazz themes. The awarded work becomes the imposed work played by the finalists of the B-Jazz International Contest for young bands (previously Jazz Hoeilaart).

Some winners in recent years :
    Philip Catherine for "Title", work commissioned by the B Jazz Contest (2019).
    Peter Hertmans for "The one step" (2018)
    Antoine Pierre for "Vertigo of the fish" (2017)
    Alex Koo Derudder (2015)
    Dirk Schreurs (2013)
    Nathalie Loriers (2011)
    Kris Goessens (2010)
    Piotr Paluch (2009)
    Robin Verheyen (2008)
    Peter Hertmans (2007)
    Anne Wolf (2006)
    Karel Van Marcke (2005)
    Olivier Collette (2004)
    Ben Iriks (2003)
    Dirk Schreurs, Bart Quartier, Marc Matthys (2002)
    Léon Lhoest & Dirk Schreurs (2001)
    Bart Quartier & ? (2000)
    Léon Lhoest & Kris Goessens (1999)
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