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Octaves de la Musique / Jazz

Launched in 2004 by "Le Conseil de la Musique", RTL and SABAM, these Prizes distinguish talents from the French speaking part of Belgium who have marked the musical season. In 2005, different categories were introduced, including jazz. See website.
The winners (limited to those related to jazz) :

    2018 : Igor GEHENOT (p) for his album "Delta" (category "jazz"). Octave PointCulture : Giuseppe MILLACI Vogue Trio and the label Hypnote

    2017 : Lorenzo DI MAIO (gt) for his album "Black Rainbow" (category "jazz"). Octave d'honneur : David LINX (voc.)

    2016 : AKA MOON, for their album "The Scarlatti book" (category "jazz"). Octave d'honneur : Jacques STOTZEM (gt)

    2015 : LG COLLECTIVE for the album "New feel" (category "jazz").

    2014 : David LINX / Diederik WISSELS for their album "Winds of change" (category "jazz"). Mélanie DE BIASIO for "New Deal" (album of the year).

    2013 : AKA MOON for their album "Unison" (category "jazz").

    2012 : TRIO GRANDE & Matthew BOURNE for their album "Hold the line" (category "jazz").

    2011 : Manu HERMIA Trio for the album "Long tales and short stories" (category "jazz"). Toots THIELEMANS, Octave d'honneur.

    2010 : RADONI's TRIBE for the album "Radoni's Tribe" (category "jazz").

    2009 : 4 IN 1 for the album "4 in 1" (category "jazz").

    2008 : TRIO GRANDE & Matthew BOURNE for the album "Un matin plein de promesses" (category "jazz") and Philip CATHERINE (Octave d'honneur).

    2007 : Mélanie DI BIASIO (vocals). Marc MOULIN (composer/keyboards) was selected as best show of the year and "Flagey nine thirty a.m." by SADI (vibes, composer/arranger) as album of the year, a special mention by the jury.

    2006 : Eric LEGNINI (piano). Toots THIELEMANS (harmonica) : album of the year for "One more for the road"

    2005 : The band "SLANG"

    2004 : Casimir LIBERSKI (piano)

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