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Django d'Or
Belgian jazz awards

The DJANGO D'OR (named after the late Django REINHARDT) awards, were created in France by Frank HAGÈGE, and originally given to French, European and World jazz artists and records.

After a few years and a close collaboration and active support of BAP/PAB (Belgian Artistic Promotion) of SABAM (Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers), it was decided to create national awards for Belgian jazz musicians (1 French speaking, 1 Flemish), the "Trophées belges du jazz".

Some Belgian musicians, such as Toots THIELEMANS and Philip CATHERINE, have also appeared in the European or International category in the French poll.

As of 2000, only one Belgian Django d'Or is awarded, alternating French speaking and Flemish musicians every other year. That same year an additional award was introduced for young talent.
No Belgian Django d'Or prize was awarded in 2004 due to organization problems.

Besides the Django d'Or, a special Prize of BAP/PAB (Muse of Sabam) is given to a Belgian jazz personality (usually non-musician) for his career achievements and/or an important contribution to the Belgian jazz scene.

From 2000, more national Django d'Or prizes have been awarded in other European countries, too : Sweden, Italy, Denmark, ...

As of 2000, the concept expands to the European scene : the EURODJANGO awards.

As of 2007 the Belgian Django d'or took place, alternatively, within the framework of the Dinant Jazz Nights festival (2007) for French speaking musicians and the Blue Note Records Festival (2008) in Ghent for Dutch speaking musicians.
The ceremony was expanded to become the opening night of these festivals where the previous year winners are playing, each, a full concert to go with the awards distribution.

As of 2008 a cash prize of 10.000 was awarded to the confirmed musicians, as a financial support for career advancement or for a special project.

The last edition took place in 2009 because Sabam, the main sponsor of the Belgian Django d'Or, decided to withdraw its support and to create its own Sabam Jazz Awards as of 2010.

NB : below, the Belgian Django d'Or in the category "confirmed musicians" are in bold.

Philip CATHERINE (guitar, composer)Marc GODFROID (trombone)Category European musician : Toots THIELEMANS (harmonica, guitar, composer)
SADI (vibes, composer/arranger)Bert JORIS (trumpet, composer/arranger)Category international, jazz vocals : nomination of David LINX
Charles LOOS (piano, composer)Kurt VAN HERCK (sax, composer)
Fabrizio CASSOL (sax, composer)Chris JORIS (percussion, composer)
Special Prize, Muse of Sabam : Jean WARLAND (bass, composer/arranger)
Category European musician : Philip CATHERINE (guitar, composer)
Category international vocal jazz album : nomination of David LINX/Diederik WISSELS
Nathalie LORIERS (piano, composer)Jeroen VAN HERZEELE (sax, composer)Category European musician : nomination of David LINX (vocals)/Diederik WISSELS (piano, composer) for their CD Bandarkah (Label Bleu)
Steve HOUBEN (sax, flute, composer)
- - - - -

Special Prize, Muse of Sabam : Edmond HARNIE (trumpet)
Nathalie LORIERS (piano, composer)
(category "contemporary jazz musican, new talent")
- - - - -

Prize of the Young Talent (City of Brussels) : Nicolas THYS
Special Prize, Muse of Sabam : Robert PERNET (the late Belgian jazz historian)
Frank VAGANÉE (alto sax, composer)
Philippe AERTS (double bass, composer)

Prize of the New Talent : Anne WOLF (piano)

- - - - -

Special Prize, Muse of Sabam : Rik BEVERNAGE from DE WERF, Bruges (organizer of concerts, a festival, tour manager in Flanders, record producer)
- - - - -

Prize of the Young Talent (City of Brussels) : Nicolas KUMMERT (sax)
Special Prize, Muse of Sabam : Jean-Marie PETERKEN (organizer of festivals, from Comblain-la-Tour to Jazz à Liège, founded the Liège Maison du Jazz etc...)
Erik VERMEULEN (piano, composer)
No prizes this year, for technical reasons
Eric LEGNINI (piano, composer)
Prize of the Young Talent : Pascal SCHUMACHER (vibes)
- - - - -

Special Prize, Muse of Sabam : Sim SIMONS (journalist)
- - - - -

Prize of the Young Talent : Jean-Paul ESTIEVENART (tp)
Special Prize, Muse of Sabam : Marc DANVAL (journalist, press & radio)
Diederik WISSELS (piano, composer)
Pierre VAN DORMAEL (guitar, composer)
Prize of the Young Talent : Pascal MOHY (piano)
- - - - -

Special Prize, Muse of Sabam : Marc VAN DEN HOOF (radio journalist)
Philip CATHERINE (guitar, composer)
(category "European master of jazz")
- - - - -

Prize of the Young Talent + Jeugd en Muziek : Robin VERHEYEN (sax)
Special Prize, Muse of Sabam : Jean-Pol SCHROEDER (writer, head of the Maison du Jazz in Liège)
Dré PALLEMAERTS (drums, composer)
Pierre VAIANA (sax, composer)
Prize of the Young Talent : Quentin LIEGEOIS (guitar)
Special Prize, Muse of Sabam : Ilan OZ (webmaster, organizer Belgian Django d'Or etc...)
- - - - -

Best album : Bart DEFOORT : "Sharing Stories On Our Journey "

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