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Jazz is sparkling in this country, it is amazing to see how many excellent jazz musicians there are for such a small country. Must be something in the air...
Belgians have always been infatuated with jazz, starting -indirectly- with Adolphe SAX (what would jazz be by now if this famous Belgian had not invented the saxophone !). Already during the first decades of the 20th century, jazz bands of a high level started to flourish in the country; they were considered among the best outside the US.

After the second world war, following the be-bop revolution, Belgium produced internationally acclaimed talents (René THOMAS, Bobby JASPAR, Toots THIELEMANS, Francy BOLAND, SADI, Jean WARLAND), followed by Philip CATHERINE and a long series of musicians of international format : Steve HOUBEN, Bert JORIS, Charles LOOS, Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE, Michel HERR, Philippe AERTS, Peter HERTMANS, Erwin VANN, Ivan PADUART, Nathalie LORIERS, Phil ABRAHAM, David LINX, Diederik WISSELS, the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, AKA MOON, (just to name a few) and the tradition goes on with younger, promising generation of musicians.

All styles are represented : old style, mainstream, big band, be bop, all forms of contemporary jazz up to avant-guard and free improvisation, latin or Brazilian jazz, electric, fusion, acid jazz, world jazz, you name it, It's all here, illustrated by an astonishing palette of original and creative personnalities.
Amazing instrumentalists, outstanding composers, the scene is rich and through strong personnalities, it has gained international recognition.

Check also the offer in terms of bands, it is very rich, too.

The site has compiled hundreds of resumes of Belgian jazzmen, plus their discography and concert dates !

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All the bands, small or large, modern or old style. Need a band for your birthday party of mega-festival ? Don't look any further.


A listing of the musicians (but also agents, journalists, photographers) with their contact info.

Hall of Fame

The pages of the deceased Belgian musicians who wrote Belgian jazz history.

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The pages of foreign musicians who were associated with Belgian jazzmen.


From the "Journal des Lundis d'Hortense", some interesting interviews of Belgian jazzmen.

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An overview of all kinds of awards, polls, etc...involving Belgian musicians.

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