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Jazz shows on tv in Belgium

For a weekly update of jazz programs available more than 150 European tv networks, see : Euro TV

RTBF La Deux presents jazz shows, sometimes with multiple re-broadcasts.
Besides international and American artists, several Belgian jazz musicians were recorded live various festivals (Liège Jazz Festival, Audi Jazz Festival, Gaume Jazz etc..).

Pour les collectionneurs du jazz belge, il sera utile de savoir que la RTBF a diffusé un certain nombre de concerts d'artistes belges captés lors de festivals wallons, surtout Jazz à Liège, mais aussi celui de Gaume. Ci-après une liste de ces diffusions.
For collectors, here are some of the concerts (given by Belgian artists) which were already broadcast :

Liège Jazz festival / Festival Jazz à Liège :

  • Nathalie LORIERS (1996)
  • Erwin VANN with Paolo FRESU (1996)
  • Jacques PELZER/Steve HOUBEN (1994)
  • the CASTELLUCCI Stringtet (1997)
  • Philip CATHERINE Quartet (1997)
  • Michel BISCEGLIA Trio (1997)
  • the Bert JORIS/Michel HERR Quartet (1996)
  • Klaus IGNATZEK/Anca PARGHEL/Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE (1993)
  • The Fabrice ALLEMAN/Paolo LOVERI duo (1997)
  • EAST/WEST CONNECTION (Polish jazz musicians Zbiegniew NAMISLOWSKY, Jarek SMETANA and Andrzej CUCZICH with Félix SIMTAINE) (1993)
  • Fabien DEGRYSE's Big Band de Guitares (Tribute to René THOMAS)
  • AKA MOON Electric
  • Eric LEGNINI Trio
  • Philip CATHERINE Quartet (2001)
  • Steve HOUBEN/Jacques PIROTTON Inc. (Liège 2002)
  • the "WAL HOUSE of JAZZ" (Liège 2003)
  • the BRUSSELS JAZZ ORCHESTRA with Philip CATHERINE & Bert JORIS (Liège 2003)
  • HLM (MAURANE, Charles LOOS, Steve HOUBEN) (2004 ?)
  • Eric LEGNINI Trio
  • Steve HOUBEN Trio+ Richie BEIRACH (2006)
  • Fabrice ALLEMAN Quartet + Randy BRECKER (2006)
  • Phil ABRAHAM "Jazz me do" (Beatles project)
Recorded live from Gaume Jazz Festival :
  • the SWEET SUBSTITUTES (1999)
  • Michel HATZIGEORGIOU's Homage to Jaco Pastorius (1999, 2 x 45')
  • etc...
and also portraits of Mal WALDRON (1997), Jeanfrançois PRINS (1999), David LINX (2002), Steve HOUBEN ("l'ange et le rebelle", 2004), Nathalie LORIERS (2005) etc...

RTBF also dug into its archives and replayed "Three days in April", a 55' film showing three important Belgian jazz figures, apparently filmed in the early seventies :

  • guitarist René THOMAS, in trio with bassist Freddie DERONDE and drummer Félix SIMTAINE
  • vibraphone player SADI in quartet with Bob PORTER (p), Roger VANHAVERBEKE (bass) and Freddy ROTTIER (drs)
  • the fusion band PLACEBO with Marc MOULIN (el. p.), Richard ROUSSELET (tp), Nick FISSETTE (tp), Alex SCORIER (saxes), Johnny DOVER (bass clar.), Nick KLETCHKOVSKY (el. b.) and Freddy ROTTIER (drs).
RTBF also aired concerts recorded at the Royal Palace of Brussels with Steve HOUBEN, Nathalie LORIERS, the Philip CATHERINE Quartet.

RTBF aired concerts recorded at the Brussels Jazz Club in the 80ies (Johnny DOVER sax Combination, Toots THIELEMANS Quartet, ...)

Some Toots THIELEMANS concerts (one in quartet, a.o. in Namur) or appearances are also worth mentioning.

RTBF also aired some of the Belgian Django d'Or evenings, featuring Belgian musicians (Frank VAGANEE, Steve HOUBEN, Michel HERR 10 piece band).

RTBF tv La 2 also started in 2006 and 2007 a series of shows under the title "I Love Jazz", some of which were concerts especially recorded at the Molière Studio in Brussels :

  • Philip CATHERINE TRIO (Philippe Aerts, Mimi Verderame)
  • Ivan PADUART Trio (Philippe Aerts, Joost Van Schaik)
  • Jef NEVE Trio
  • Mélanie DE BIASIO
  • Jan DE HAAS band Also worth mentioning :

  • "Cargo de Nuit" (RTBF) : Belgian jazz in the nineties, with Kris Defoort, Pierre Vaiana & Trinacle, Jacques Pelzer, Nathalie Loriers trio, At Big Band with Félix Simtaine & Michel Herr, and also Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Arnould Massart and David Linx, Fabrizio Cassol, Eric Legnini, Trio Bravo.

  • "Hep Taxi" (2009) : RTBF has produced a special programme in its "Hep Taxi" series, focusing on Belgian jazz. Musicians who will appear in the programme are a.o. Philip Catherine (gt), Bert Joris (tp), Alexandre Cavaliere (vl), Quentin Liégeois (gt) and Mimi Verderame (drs, gt), and Michel Herr wrote a piece for the occasion, titled "A hip taxi", played by Steve Houben (alto sax), Jean-Pol Estiévenart (tp), Nicolas Kummert (tenor sax), Pascal Mohy (p), Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (double bass) and Jérôme Baudart (drums).
    64 minutes of live music, archives and interviews.

    There are some recordings made by RTBF during the Festival des Lundis d'Hortense at the Botanique in Brussels, a.o. Fabrice ALLEMAN One Shot Band, but not aired yet.

    A French tv documentary film "Jazz in Little Belgium" (2004), by Rémy Brault, in the series "Europa jazz", shown on RTBF, Mezzo, etc....

    VRT has archives of Jazz Middelheim Festival, a few of them with Belgian artists. Also never shown recordings of Erwin VANN, Fabrizio CASSOL, Michel HERR Unexpected Encounters...!

    "Exqi" tv has broadcasted a show with David LINX and the BRUSSELS JAZZ ORCHESTRA (2007), playing music from the "Changing faces" album.

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